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Hydrogen peroxide

The dose makes the poison-remember that. 

For many years, hydrogen peroxide was known only as an excellent antiseptic, used to disinfect wounds. Information about the use of an internal hydrogen peroxide is not usually passed to the public. The mere thought that hydrogen peroxide could be (of course, in its diluted form) to eat orally involve making the more educated will be at the Tap a head, thinking at the time course of the person who rzuciłaby idea. 

But this is not fiction, but a method, which worked on the space of our century, many enlightened people who can think independently. I use hydrogen peroxide, how many people show the relationship, effective method, which very convincingly explains Ivan Nieumywakin. But if it is a credible person? 

Although scientists have long been seriously address the issue of the impact of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of various diseases (gangrene and pus exuding wounds in radiation sickness, cancer), these studies did not receive wide publicity. The reason for this is a huge ferocious opposition of the industry producing synthetic drugs, as one of the main branches of business, which brings great revenue feeding on human misery, and the resistance of the representatives of the industry to undermine them? Authority?.
Hydrogen peroxide

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