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White hot water

Like any philosophy of brew water for tea, but why would they? 

White hot water, the water which is very close to boiling, but not yet lost the air dissolved in it. 

The naked eye can not see, but the water is dissolved air, which according to Chinese culture is very important when brewing tea.Therefore, we should take care that when cooking to lose as little air. So the water for the tea should not be cooked forever, so that all the air escaped. 

Boiling involves the conversion of liquid (water) in gas (oxygen and hydrogen). 

Why is it so important not to boil the whole air? 

When cooking, energy supply, through which the dissociation takes place. Normally, even peaceful water temeperaturze procesowii autodysocjacji subject, which of course is enhanced during the cooking water. As a result of this process in boiling water, the particles are formed hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).It is not as strong a solution, but it's enough to aid in the purification of our digestive tract while drinking tea or even the heated water. 

Various sources say that green tea should be flooded with water at a temperature from 60 to 90 degrees and most often recommend cool water to the temperature - it is unfortunately not the right way to brew, because that water contains little air. 

If przysłuchacie the kettle when boiling water, then you will notice that depending on the boiling pot seems to various noises. At the beginning of the glottis, then dies away, to finally explode sound of steaming water. I always turn off the kettle when you do the slightest - just after this you can see on the water level, like a sheet of water begins to be macon by escaping air.
White hot water

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