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How do I tan?

Future heat, so the media again began to give their advice on sun exposure. Do not know why, but most of the message begins, "Doctors recommend ..." - But why no one shows those individual doctors who recommend this?

I do not fully agree with tips that are served by larger media, what brought you here zamierzams share with you.

The main recommendations of these doctors are:

- Use filters UVB

- Sunbathe before 10 and after 15,

- Do not leave home

- Lots of drinking water.


My way to safe sunbathing:

- Do not use any filters UVB

- Sunbathe when the sun is highest between 10 and 15,

- Drinking water in accordance with the feeling of thirst,

- Every morning I eat scrambled eggs with 5 eggs with bacon,

- I do not use soap or other detergents in the shower after sunbathing.

- I avoid the sun at high altitudes,

- I try to discover the body, as early as possible and as often as possible.


The sun as nature has created everything that is known to us from the very beginning of the world - I do not believe that the nature of all these years we are not adapted to the appropriate handling of the sun.

promieniowanie słoneczne uva uvb uvcSunlight consists of the entire spectrum of radiation - UVA, UVB and UVC. Filters to filter the sun only the middle band UVB. Band UVB causes redness of the skin and produce the vitamin D from cholesterol. If you are using filters block UVB radiation, we can no longer stand in the sun, but are you sure this is safe? The skin redness is not, and so do not get a signal from a natural organism that przedawkowaliśmy with radiation. At slower filters and chemical processes occur on the skin surface does not produce a natural vitamin D, which protects us from across the spectrum of radiation.

UVB radiation breaks down more than UVA, which is why most of us operates in the hours around the South, when the sun is highest. UVA (just as harmful if not more so) as it does not break down in the atmosphere, it operates on us from dawn to dusk. In the wild there is no high-rises - this is our human invention, by which we rise above the treetops and above, and thus even more issue in a very penetrating UVA rays, which passes up through the windows, to which it is not capable of UVB.

jajecznica - jak opalać się bezpiecznieWhy did I eat scrambled eggs? - To provide your body with enough cholesterol to create a natural protection in the form of vitamin D. If our diet is low in cholesterol, then the body is unable to protect themselves against radiation.

It is true that tanning causes the formation of vitamin D, but it builds on the skin surface - so the body can use it - needs time to be absorbed. The body may need up to 48 hours to absorb vitamin D, which is produced in the sun, but if you jump right after tanning shower and wash with soap all of the skin, it's like they are asking for trouble.

japonki - jak opalac sie bezpiecznieUsually sunbathing in red and I have always been told that I have a complexion of the skin, and that nothing is impossible with this deal, until one day I met a friend who taught me that it does not necessarily need a year to walk in sneakers and socks, flip-flops can be inserted only that much more comfortable in short trousers than jeans to his ankles, etc. - when he copied his style of dress, and started again, it turned out, that I stopped sunbathing in red, that my skin naturally prepares for the coming years and needs no additional protection, in addition to being natural. Aside from changing clothes, I began more and more often throughout the day escape from the office for a short break to sun exposure.

How do I tan?

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