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dr-henryk-rozanski-heniu2.jpg This section features articles written by Dr Henry Rozanski. You can find the originals of the following addresses: The following members of Mr. Doctor. Welcome I would like to clarify some important issues, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. I am the author of numerous publications in magazines and on the Internet on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods. Starting from the mid-90s appear in my work printed and electronic. I am an employee of scientific teaching and medical practice does not run. Currently I direct research department of one of Polish companies and I am a scientific consultant several domestic and foreign companies. Phones that appear on the pages of these companies are used for business purposes, which do not directly treat the sick. Professionally and just tinkering at the same time developing recipes for medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and foodstuffs, and documentation of the deployment expertise, opinions, advice for businesses from the scope of plant materials, animal and mineral medicine, disease prevention, and dietary supplementation, and in cosmetics (for companies under contract). Do not run a medical practice, patients do not accept, do not give individual medical advice. I do not sell drugs. Had it been otherwise, certainly I would give the address of my office, shop and office hours. I'm just a scientist and teacher. Meanwhile, every day I get many e-mails, sometimes even snail mail list asking for medical help, the adoption of a visit, asking for the sale of medicines or raw materials. Meanwhile, I'm not interested in the sale of drugs, cosmetics, and supplements. I am not able to respond to people on the list and e-mails and answer the phone. Also I have my private life, daily professional responsibilities, their problems and concerns. Time did not win the lottery, do not sit in an armchair with waiting for another phone, e-mail question. Holidays, weekends and evenings I want to spend alone. I need to sleep, eat, and sometimes lazy. Is it any wonder? Frankly I am surprised approach and mentality of people who can call the 22, or about 7 am with his private business, asking for advice, or "where to buy in Ciechocinek horsetail herb." Reported by me are aimed at spreading knowledge of biology and medicine (cognitive, informative!). The fact that I am the author of medical publications, is no guarantee that I accept the patients. Most authors of textbooks of pharmacology and pharmacology departments of workers never received and did not direct patients were treated. The fact that someone invents medicines for animals and people is no guarantee that a veterinarian or human medicine. The pharmacist also knows something about drugs, but does not accept patients. You can not do everything and everywhere to work. That demonstrated in vitro in the laboratory the properties of certain substances oncostatic plant - does not prove that I'm an oncologist, and I treat people with cancer. The exception is the closest group of people coming to me, friends and family. I am glad that I can impart knowledge of medicines, including how to prepare, to bring their application, happens. I do not feel, however, (therefore) be obliged to answer all the questions, often resulting from careless reading the text or the lack of willingness to look for additional information, which are often in my other work. In addition, we must remember that self-medication or a desire to prepare a therapeutic agent for the person requires some knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, prudence and skill. The knowledge we convey in my work - it comes from a selected literature review, the results of my research and thoughts and their own experiences. I prefer writing the Swiss, Austrian and German, both ancient and contemporary. Since 2000, I do not give the Internet a list of literature and the footnotes, because there have to compile, copying whole passages of my works, including bibliography. Entire sections of my web work was later printed books, articles, MA theses, undergraduate, semester or even dissertations, unfortunately without giving a source, and my name. With such unpleasant surprises often encountered by chance or learned about them from other people, and even the promoters of this work. In Poland it is routinely violated copyright law and no respect for other people's work. Giving the complete text of the Internet - gave cash to people lazy people who do not want to go to the library, buy some books and did not want to translate the texts. I feel awful when other authors copy my work without giving a source. Meanwhile, in the world of science has come to such a thing as electronic media, listing the published studies on CD, DVD, cassette tapes, websites, etc. My works show a lot of information not found elsewhere, because they are based on publications, sometimes very old, foreign languages (Latin, German, Swiss dialects, mostly written in Gothic), as well as the latest to earn traveling abroad. In addition, they saturate the results of my research or observations and comments. Translation of ancient works, word processing, analyzing data, drawing conclusions from them is hard work. Currently working on the preparation of texts for the book, which I think will bring something to Polish literature and herbal fitoterapeutycznej. I spend too much time histology (in preparation atlas) and phytosociology medicinal plants. News provided by me do not exhaust the subject in depth, they can not answer all the questions and may not give rise to self-medicate. If someone decides to apply the old methods and therapeutic measures should do so rationally and sensibly. Please also do not expect me that I would recommend the individual dose, delivered individually on the safety of the measure. Direct question to me, like: "Can I use chamomile, and is it safe" - a way to force the issue I guarantee the harmlessness of chamomile. Meanwhile, someone might be allergic to chamomile. And what then? - Rozanski, of course, claim to, because he said it was safe. Hence, please do not take me grief when answers to such questions do not I give. The science of plant health and beauty is very broad and overlap with many areas of knowledge. It is a fascinating, still poorly understood. Therapeutic agents are sometimes unpredictable. Everyone is an individual organism that can respond very specifically to the drug substance. Therefore, any method of treatment carries some risk, regardless of when it was developed. The scale of the problem of phone calls and e-mails may indicate the need to replace a landline number at home, no need to replace the mobile phone (twice), the legitimate anxiety and depression, and secretarial staff at two universities, the dean's office and in the following companies where I worked. For example, the PWSZ not working since 5 years, and today there are phones in order to contact me. At the Academy of Medical Sciences, I am a volunteer for 2 years, and yet there are still mobile, there were even used in college announcement of 16 May 2008: private individual query = & page = search & page = Srch Just to clarify I mention, that when I get sick of a sore throat - do not call the professor. Kostowskiego or prof. Chrusciel, because they write books about drugs and I'm sure I can handle anything, even though their phone number is available. Not calling it after 22 to prof. Janc asking whether aspirin does not hurt me, and if you really safe?

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