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dr-andrzej-janus.jpg Welcome to the website dedicated to broader health prevention, the principles of the use of natural and rational nutrition. A few words about yourself. My name is Andrea Janus. I graduated from the Military Medical Academy - born in 1976. Throughout the period of his career working in the military and civilian health care. Specialization - I degree pediatrics. In 1994, retired military and started working as a pediatrician in the health care establishment. I started at this time interested in issues related to natural medicine - nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine and the use of nutritional supplements. I completed this during the second stage, two-year course of homeopathy to physicians and pharmacists, a number of courses on the biochemical functioning of the body. In 2001, I ceased practice as a doctor of medicine in the academic and totally devoted to natural medicine. His experience in the use of natural medicine in practice, I present the following site and published books. All information contained on this website are solely my views and do not constitute medical prescriptions. Following the guidance contained herein is at your own risk. Not responsible for any damage that may arise as a result of the recommendations in the content posted here. Source:

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