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We all know the problem. From maleńkości we are dependent on milk from the breast milk first, then milk cows, sheep or goats. From the little we are simply forced to drink it. For the ad to include actors and singers (usefully ignorant). We are witnessing a fight at the highest levels of the "glass of milk for the student." Is it worth to crush a copy? Is not that a mistake for which no one wants to admit, and which contributes to the upbringing of a sick society?Please refer to the opinion of prof. Tombak and please be prepared for a shock.

No mammal in the world (except human), as an adult individual of no longer drinking milk. So it is nature to always. As for cats, it is we the people, they learned to drink milk. Cats that do not drink live twice as long (proven by science). Currently, the milk has been replaced by a special diet, which the taste tuck our favorites. Sami so you can see that our tastes pupilków is variable. The main difference between cow's milk and breast milk is high in protein - casein in cow's milk. Casein is a substance essential cielakowi to grow its hooves and horns, but even a calf drinks milk only for 6 months. Man has no hooves or horns, and therefore dietary protein standards are clearly overstated. Man needs far less protein, because a particular type of bacteria found in the large intestine has the ability to synthesize protein from carbohydrates, which provide eating plant products.

In human milk casein is only 0.2%. In cow's milk are low in iron, so a calf eats grass. To this end, the nature of a specially adapted digestive organs calf that will allow it to digest and milk and grass alone. Gastrointestinal tract is built differently. Cow's milk is getting into the stomach, under the influence of acidic gastric juice is cut down, creating something that resembles cottage cheese. This "cottage cheese" sticks to other food particles found in the stomach. As long as curdled milk will not be digested (and the milk is digested in the last one), other food digestion process will not start.

This phenomenon, often repeated, can cause disturbances in the functioning of the digestive tract. Hence the question - what are your body transform in a processing of milk and sour milk products, losing a lot of energy on the process of digestion? Casein contained in milk is distributed in the body by means of rennet. Child 1-2 years is no longer nails and hair, so the demand for casein is none. The digestive system of producing a child ceases to rennet. From that moment on cow's milk is for the body ciężkostrawnym product. Consideration should be given one more important fact. Currently, milk is harmful, especially for children, because of its environmental pollution. Constant companion of calcium in milk is a radioactive strontium-90.

Some like to add milk to coffee or tea. It is better not to do so, because under the influence of temperature casein contained in milk curdles. Casein is a raw material for production of organic glue. In our body casein "sticky" stones in the kidneys, blood vessels, causing the formation of nodules in the legs and deformed fingers and other undigested milk ingredients settle in our tissues and tendons in the form of mucus. Dr. H. Shelton and Walker write - "Cow's milk is a source of mucus formation in the human body from infancy to old age and deep is the cause of such diseases as influenza, colds, asthma, or bronchitis.


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