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Cancer - Malignant - The Curse of malnutrition

Would you like to have cancer? Of course, that nobody wants, but if we do everything possible to protect against it? Does not every case we apply a substance commonly recognized as carcinogenic? Is the great taste of fried or smoked salmon kurczaczka has already compensated for the suffering to us later? Prevention of cancer through diet is possible while maintaining the two fundamental principles:

? Food should not contain carcinogens, which cause the formation of such cancers. 
? The diet should be substances that protect the body against cancer.

The source of carcinogens in our diet can be a variety of fats, but often increases the danger from eating stale or przesmażonych fats. Therefore, we should not leave the fat in the pan and use it repeatedly. If possible, avoid fried foods in favor of cooked and baked. In addition, the excess fat from the meat is always better to carve. Do not turn the diet of too many vegetable oils. Two tablespoons a day, a number of entirely sufficient. There are data on the fact that fat can affect the human immune system, promotes the conversion of excess cells into cancer cells. It is known that the increase of living standards in poor countries once (Japan, Greece, Italy), by increasing the amount of fat in the diet, where increased incidence of cancer of the mammary gland and colon.

Particular threat to health are smoked, to which the smoke when smoking their way to carcinogens and other dangerous compounds. These substances were found in sausages, hams, tenderloin, bacon, szprotach, smoked herring, "cold", as well as in dried fruit with smoke. More than once in 50 g of smoked sausage is the same amount of carcinogens as the smoke of the cigarette package or in the air that residents breathe in a big city in four days.Many products contain nitrates and nitrites. These salts themselves are not carcinogenic, but the man in the stomach arise from these very dangerous substances. Nitrates and nitrites can znajdowaę in sausages, some canned meat products, imported fruits and vegetables.Therefore, the feeding should be used with vegetables grown in the open Gruta (not glass) by using natural fertilizers (compost). Recommended to cook vegetables in a large amount of water and if we do not know their conditions of cultivation, the broth should not consume them.

Do not forget the defenders against cancer. These are primarily vitamins - A, C, E, B2 and PP.High concentrations of vitamin C blocks the formation of carcinogenic substances from nitrates and nitrites. Vitamin E protects protects against the harmful effects of oxidation of fats and vitamin A helps protect against various forms of cancer. Should consume only natural vitamins. When taking vitamin supplements should be remembered that artificial vitamins A, C and E in excess can cause damage to the body. Another defender of the natural fiber products are better known under the name of fiber. These can be found in bread with coarsely ground beans and coarsely ground groats, and above all the raw vegetables. Another group consists of minerals containing magnesium, calcium and selenium. The magnesium include legumes, calcium - cottage cheese and yellow cheese, and selenium, peas and beets.

Cancer - Malignant - The Curse of malnutrition

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