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The beginnings of modern medicine are inextricably linked to the times where there has been a definitive separation of church and state. Then it was broken dish called "wisdom", and its contents began to sprout plants called separate branches of science. Modern medicine since the beginning rejected the "folk medicine" as dangerous, unscientific superstition and has found an ally in the science of chemistry - pharmacology. Since then, the marriage of medicine with chemistry is doing very well, which can not be said of our bodies. Any news about the dangers and side activities sterile and isolated compounds called drugs are effectively blocked by their producers and their allies. The ordinary man sometimes finds that a drug to help him who had turned out to be poison, but this is rare. Exceptions are already serious drug side effects that some patients wyprawiły the afterlife. That was the example of "Vioxx'em" where science has failed to foresee the tragic consequences of duration of use.And if other drugs are healthy?

Take for example the ubiquitous aspirin, which in addition to protecting against heart attack, managed to build an empire Bayer and push sport to the heights of one football team. The controversy around this specyfiku probably already underway since the famous "Spaniard", where used in the U.S. (?  ) In an influenza epidemic has led many patients to speed up the encounter with God. Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid to clean today, the target is an unsuccessfully by homeopathic physicians, as an even poisonous. In the article "Influenza Epidemic 1918 - homeopathy to the rescue" Guy Beckly Stearns MD, New York, writes:

"Aspirin and other products manufactured from coal tar and are condemned by the doctors, they cause a huge number of unnecessary deaths. Ubiquitous aspirin is by far the most damaging drug of all. The beneficial effects of false causes only brief pain relief, nothing significant from the viewpoint of medicine. In many cases, aspirin has weakened heart, affected the level of patients' vital forces, increased mortality and significantly slowed the recovery. In all cases, aspirin masks the symptoms, making it much more difficult the selection of appropriate drugs. aspirin probably does not work lecząco to any illness and should be withdrawn from use. "

Another of remembering JP Huff, MD, Olive Branch, Ky., describes - "They sent me a package containing 1,000 tablets of aspirin, about 994 too many. It seems to me that I gave just half a dozen. Not that I could not hide. I use very few drugs. Almost always, I give Gelsemium and Bryonia. almost never lost a patient, when the call came first, unless you have previously been sent to the pharmacy after aspirin. In this situation, almost always had to deal with a new case of pneumonia. "

These types of articles are usually published in specialist or in the local press "not to sow panic," but more likely because the drug manufacturers would not lose their colossal profits.These articles are a real "white ravens". The same is true with other drugs, including widely advertised vitamins "all in one" type "Centre" and the like. On this subject, says prof. Tombak:

Detrimental not only accepting but witamicy C and all synthetic vitamins. 
First - Vitamins are compounds that are not produced by synthesis in the human body (except for groups B and D) and formed by biosynthesis in plants. In plant cells there are vitamins in an easily comprehensible to the human forms (pro-vitamin), but in plants they needed to have a collection of minerals that promote their full assimilation into the body. It is with this natural overdose of vitamins is very difficult and very easy to synthetic. 
Secondly - artificial vitamins, is a crystalline, inorganic substance foreign to the body. It is with difficulty, or not at all digested by the body. Consuming synthetic vitamins overload the kidneys and liver, violate the balance of mineral salts in the body.

Thirdly - one of the side effects of synthetic vitamins to increase appetite, because your body to absorb them, it needs an additional portion of mineral salts, carbohydrates and protein ingredients. In plants, they are in synthetic vitamins, they do not. Hence, a simple way to obesity. In addition, our consciousness is perpetuated belief that vitamins can not be overdosed and do not cause side effects. Scholars from many countries agreed that the adoption of synthetic vitamin C is not only immunizes the body, but for some diseases (especially rheumatism) worsens its course and treatment. Overdose of synthetic vitamin C threatens the formation of blood clots, kidney stones and bladder. It also destroys vitamin B2, and interferes with the process of insulin production and increases the sugar content in urine and blood. Large doses it also increases muscle fatigue and interfere with visual and motor responses.

The problem of synthetic drugs is the same as attacking the problem in the modern army. If the attack we will walk alone, without tanks, artillery, engineers and aviation will not take no success. Only the interaction of all elements can ensure success. This "naked" every walk is a synthetic drug.


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