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Popular and epidemic diseases and symptoms


Now that you know, some external signs indicating the possibility of disease, we should take stock. Since both diseases and their symptoms is very much, consider the ones that are found most frequently.

Anemia pale face, brown discoloration, lower eyelid, pearly white of your eye color, pearly teeth discoloration, pallor of the ears, zajady corner of the mouth, burning tongue, smooth tongue, and red

Painful or infrequent menstruation and estrogen deficiency in women thin, delicate eyebrows

Headaches fused eyebrows, wrinkles forehead with one hand, a clear furrow between the eyebrows

Pain and spinal disease, "truncated" occiput, wide step, continuous "drift sideways" when walking

Diseased kidneys large and fleshy upper lip, thick skin on the forehead and deep wrinkles, red ears, swollen lower eyelids, long, narrow protruding nails, the continuing presence of white spots on nails, the formation of bags under the eyes (left eye - the right kidney, right eye - left kidney)

Diseases of the urinary bladder swollen lower eyelids and their coloring różowosiny color, disproportionately small increase

Gallbladder disease yellowing of the skin around the mouth, teeth yellow-leaved, yellow skin around the eyes, constant pain in the right shoulder, yellow eyes

Lung diseases withdrawn both arms, red cheeks, long neck, frequent nosebleeds, protruding nails

Diseases of the knee inability to descend stairs

Diabetes smooth, dry lower lip with sinoczerwonym staining, the appearance of dead hair, gray hair early

Hemorrhoids chin recess in the middle, the rise of a raid on your teeth yellow

Blood - symptoms of congestive on the skin near the nose broken blood vessels

A small amount of red blood cells pale lower (inner) part of the language

Hypertension red nose with nodular veined, fused eyebrows, cheeks reddening

Excessive load on the thyroid gland protruding nails, short eyebrows, no eyebrows side portions, frequent blinking, deposits on the lower eyelids, swollen neck, a narrow bridge of the nose, the upper edge of the ear folded into a tube

Neurasthenia restless glance

Vitamin A deficiency inability to cry, when entering from light to dark rooms loss of vision

Deficiency of vitamin B obrzmiewanie language

Magnesium deficiency in the body trembling lower eyelid, increased energy after this 20-hour, skin redness around the nose

Mineral deficiency fragile, brittle nails

Deficiency of calcium in the body glossy leather ears

Iron deficiency in the body mature, bluish lower eyelid, the periodic appearance of white spots on nails, red ears, frequent zajady in corners of mouth

Hypotension pale cheeks, forehead skin, face, drooping eyelids

Failure and heart disease waxy color of the lower eyelids, lower eyelids swollen, thick veins in his neck, neck too short, too short nose, difficulty in climbing stairs

Gastritis deposits on the middle third of the tongue, pale nasal turbinates

Weakness of the gonads in women hair on upper lip (mustache), meanders on the forehead, thick, bushy eyebrows

Top of menopause in women many deep wrinkles on the small upper lip

Overloading the body, epilepsy, small ears

Rheumatism foam strips on both sides of the language

Disorders of the stomach to change shape the nail on the middle finger, the appearance of cracks

The tendency to diseases of the nervous system left shoulder higher than right

The tendency to diabetes, dry and cracked tongue, thin upper lip

The tendency to epilepsy joined brows

The tendency to obesity, round, thick ears, very thick earlobes

The tendency to rheumatism left shoulder higher than the right, the nail-shaped cavity points

Tendency to stomach ulcers narrow, depressed (divided against) the tip of the nose

Propensity to heart attacks wrinkled earlobes, numbness of the pressure space between the lower lip and chin

Sclerosis on the inner side of palm veins are clearly at hand can be seen upright recess

Stomach cramps when walking up hump

Decline in male potency against vertical eye wrinkles

Overloaded on the border of the pancreas disease wrinkled skin of the face, narrow upper lip, bulge below the eye

Hemorrhoid creations (krwawnicowe) on the internal organs pigmentation spots on the lower lip

Sensitive stomach sharp nose

Gastric ulcer pain in left shoulder, white tip of nose

Exhausted nervous system difficulties in climbing stairs (especially at a young age)

Dysfunction of digestive oblong bruzdki the nail in combination with various blemishes on the skin, blistering, red ears

Renal blood flow blanching the tip of the nose, joined brows, early gray hair, pale face, pale lips, thickened nails, "truncated" occiput

Metabolic disorders raid on the lower eyelids, white spots on nails

Disruption of cholesterol balance, round mounds of tan color (similar to tiny papillae) on the upper eyelid

Thrombosis, blood clots in the skin near the nose can be clearly seen broken blood vessels

Inflammation of the gonads deep wrinkles on the neck, earlobes pale, swollen upper lip

Prostatitis very thick lower lip, pale pink color around the eyes

Hepatitis, yellow whites of the eyes, żółtość skin, sunken cheeks on both sides, yellowing of the skin around the mouth, minor veins on the wings of the nose, brown discoloration of the skin around the eyes, the persistence of white spots on nails, thickening of the lower edge of lip

Constipation brown skin around the eyes

Degeneration of the cervical vertebrae distinct wrinkle on the right eyebrow

Popular and epidemic diseases and symptoms

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