Gram Zdrowia


Is the exponent of the specific characteristics of the spiritual life of man. If it is deflected to the right, is like to deal with physical work, and if left to prefer the mental work.

? Red, nodular, with veins - high blood pressure, disease soczyerca
? Sinoczerwony - low blood pressure
? Pale end - gastritis, stomach cramp, stomach ulcer

? Red - alcoholism
? Bronze - liver disease
? Frequent nosebleeds - lung disease, abnormal liver function
? Redness around the nose - magnesium deficiency in the body
? Around the nose clear blood vessels - blood stasis, little outdoor exercise, phlebitis
? Small veins on the wings nose - liver disease
? Wings stained sinoczerwono - heart disease
? Thick end - extended stomach (glutton)
? The sharp end - sensitive stomach
? Divided against the end - chronic stomach
? Blanched end - circulatory disorders, peptic ulcer disease
? Too short - diseased heart, circulatory organ disruption


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