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In the eyes can see not only the mind and human intelligence, but also its level of vitality. Eyes are not only a reflection of our health, they may also say something about our character. Green - belong to people sensitive and delicate. People with green eyes are dependable, but always missing zielonookim love. But to those who love them, answer infinite devotion. Blue - do not seek them dreaming and naivety.
People with blue eyes have a strong desire, strive for a particular purpose and who know what they want. Black - a sign of a passionate nature. If you already have something they want, nothing will stop their desires.Especially in matters of love. Gray - a sign of curiosity. Such people have success in love and in other areas of life. Jasnopiwne - belong to the wise man, pragmatyczneoczygo. Ciemnopiwne - typical for people with sensitive temperament, piwnoocy do not always know what they really want and the more they do not know which way to achieve what they want . For this reason, characterized by their excessive temperament, they are often explosive.

? Cloudy eyes - an infection in the body
? Bloodshot eyes - conjunctivitis, colds
? Sunken eyes - emaciation of the organism
? Matt look - heart disease
? Eye tremor - sclerosis
? Lack of capacity crying - vitamin A deficiency
? Frequent blinking - wegetatywno tension-vascular disorder
? Red veins in the eyes - circulatory disturbance
? Cornea has a yellow color - disruption of liver function
? The eyes have a yellowish tint - liver disease, gallbladder
? The eyes are dark brown in color - the weakening of the nervous system
? The eyes are brown discoloration - liver disease, constipation
? The eyes are pale pink color - diseases of the urinary bladder (men - prostate)
? Dark circles under his eyes - the body emaciation, anemia
? Bags under the eyes - disrupted kidney


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