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What and how to apply?


Dr. Górnicka gives ways to use sprouts in medicine by providing that it writes on the experience of French physicians.

Aphonia (loss of voice)
The juice of cabbage with a little honey to eat and rinse. Serve coleslaw with red beet.

(Measures drug abuse). Consuming raw or stewed cabbage and fresh juice and odwykowo detoxicating work.

One to two glasses a day of raw cabbage juice.

The leaves of cabbage as a poultice to relieve neck pain at night and help to detoxify through the elimination of toxins from the body. Gargling with cabbage juice has a cleaning effect, healing and scaring.

Asthenia (fatigue, general weakness)
Drink per day to 2 glasses of juice. Apply a correct set of foodstuffs. Avoid frustration and improper metabolism.

Asthma (bronchitis, bronchitis, hay fever)
3-4 cabbage leaves as a poultice on the chest and neck at the base of the lungs or on the shoulder, according to the location of pain. Leave for 3-4 hours and then all night. In chronic bronchitis to mix it - broth with 60 g of cabbage cooked in 1 / 2 liter of water for 1 hour. At the end of cooking, add 60 g of honey. Drink 2 glasses of juice a day.

For the night 3 leaves applied to the neck, and sometimes on their feet.

Diarrhea (intestinal pain, stomach aches)
Use the clock wraps with cabbage in the stomach. Long boiled cabbage to eat and drink brew. Consume the juice cooked with black and blueberry pollen. The reason may be a bad set of food poisoning or a drug.The choice of agent herbal doctor decides. Very preferably working with juveniles syrup walnuts finely chopped and buried in sugar. Take 1 / 2 teaspoon every hour.

Headache (severe and persistent)
Place two leaves to his forehead and three leaves on the neck for 4 hours or overnight. Attach a letter to the liver area.

Lumbar pain (lumbago)
Place 3 layers of leaves up to 4 hours or overnight. Continue until pain. Consult with your doctor.

Rheumatic pains (myalgia, gout, arthritis)
Pay cabbage leaves. Drink the juice.

Heart disease
Applying topical foliage reduces congestion and normalizes blood circulation. 3 leaves leave for several hours. It is the treatment of aids.

Boil (abscess, anthrax)
Pay strict list for 2-4 hours or overnight until the elimination of abscesses. Sip fresh juice and eat raw or stewed cabbage.

Sip fresh juice to 2 cups per day. Serve onions. Use geranium leaves. Important found only in its infancy.The disease can only be developed supporting the action.

Use wraps with sprouts for 1 month, an hour a day. If the eczema is dry, it is necessary first oil each leaf.Eat raw and steamed cabbage. Sip fresh juice.

Gangrene (necrosis, necrosis)
Pay strict list. See also? wounds.

Instill the ears of a mixture of cabbage juice and lemon (half).

Tuberculosis (pleurisy)
Delicate operation rewulsyjne leaf of cabbage is very beneficial. Applied to 3-4 leaves in place dissuasive for the night. Drink up to 2 glasses of fresh cabbage juice daily.

Use a set of herbs Rektosan. Inserted into the anus leaves in the form of a suppository at night for 4 hours.

Hangover - hunger and the work. Do not use the "wedges", drink the juice from the sauerkraut.

Urinary stones
Drink two glasses of juice a day.

Use 1 tablespoon of syrup, 3-4 times a day to brew cough. The composition of the syrup - 500 g red cabbage juice, 5 g of saffron, 250 g of honey. Bring to a boil.

Hepatic Colic (biliary colic)
Zbolałego place to pay list. All other sedatives are also of plant origin.

Drink the juice.

Drink the juice.

Uterus (inflammation)
Pay list to the bottom of Walbrzych, which reduces congestion in the pelvic belt. Consult with your doctor.

Drink the juice from fresh cabbage. Sip clay.

Cosmetic Mask
Applying leaf tissue alive and absorbs impurities. Applying the cabbage into 1 / 2 hour regenerates and cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation, absorbs fatty lumps of tissue. Similarly, peach, strawberry and cucumber.

Apply 2-3 layers of leaves on the sore place, moreover, the liver or the lower abdomen depending on the source of migraine.

Pay a letter to the calf, the lumbar belt on the neck for 2-3 hours or overnight.

Drink two glasses of juice a day.

Neuralgia (dental, facial, rheumatic, sciatica)
Applying the leaves on the course of a painful nerve pain gradually calms down. Leaves no heat. 3 layers of leaves is applied for 4 hours at the end of the day or overnight.

Intestinal catarrh
Drink the juice. Eat the morning 2 tablespoons sauerkraut.

Drink 1-2 glasses of juice a day.

Eyes (irritated, watery, reddened, conjunctivitis)
Enter the eye a few drops of fresh juice at bedtime. You can also flush eyes with infusion of chamomile, cornflower, cornflower petals of a rose, salted water (1 teaspoon of sea salt per 500 g of water), lemon (1 drop in each eye 2-3 times a day).

Frostbite (with bubbles)
Pay list.

As soon as you applied crushed leaves. This relieves pain and acts gojąco. For first degree burns can be applied cooked peelings from potatoes or grated carrots. In the case of burns, II and III degree of doctor decides treatment.

Herpes Skin
Pay list for the night and wash the morning juice. Often you need a medical consultation.

Varicose leg ulcers
There are about 34 types of ulcers. Cabbage is here sniper drug. Applying the leaves up to 4 hours per day or night usually ends with a healed wound.

Apply for the night 3 leaves on top of the abdomen, if necessary also during the day.

Leaves relieve pain. Apply 3-4 times daily after 4 hours. On the bubbles help to better shingles essential oils. Shingles in the initial phase is to cure within a few days. Doctor decides how to proceed.

Pay every other evening, the leaves on the lower abdomen, and free days at the crotch for the whole day.

Congestion of the brain (sunstroke)
Applied at 3-4 leaves on the head and neck every 4 hours with a break of 2-3 hours.

Normal wound
Clean the wound with oil and blood szczerniałej and rinse with boiling water with sea salt (1 teaspoon per cup of water) Change bandages until complete wound healing. At the beginning of changes poultice of cabbage every two hours and then every 4 hours. Bandage evening we leave for the night, when a case is not dangerous. Otherwise, change the bandage frequently and clean the wound.

Intestinal Worms
Sip morning for 3 consecutive days a glass of juice (for children 20-30 g) per day. If necessary, make poultice of the leaves on the lower abdomen at night. You may also be administered to the patient garlic, cabbage seeds, pumpkin ordinary.

Cold abscess
Pay the leaves and drink the juice to 2 cups per day.

Scar urinary
Drink 2 cups of juice a day.

Gouty diathesis (inflammation)
Drink 2 cups of juice a day.

Chapped skin
Pay locally leaves soaked in sunflower oil or olive oil.

Sinusitis (nasal congestion, runny nose)
It is the inflammation of the sinuses (cavities nasal side.) Place 3 layers of leaves. Morning and evening, let 1 / 2 teaspoon of juice to the nostrils. Use inhalations from a mixture of essential oils from pine needles, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, giving 20 drops to the bowl with hot water.

Bruise (contusion)
Pay list.

Drink per day to 2 glasses of juice.

Drink per day to 2 glasses of juice.

Drink per day to 2 glasses of juice. Eat a salad.

Artery (inflammation)
Place 3-4 leaves as a poultice for the night. This relieves pain and improves blood circulation.

Hard liver
Pay leaves, which have a rewulsyjne and reduce congestion. This works calming, soothing and uśmierzająco the pain in cases of liver ailments of the gall bladder and liver failure. Pay a layer of 3 leaves for the day, every 4 hours and at night. Healing herbs to the liver or black zaliczmy radish, artichoke leaves, golden rod vulgar, milk thistle, dandelion root, root travel (drugs Herbapol - Syrimalol, Fitolizyna).

Insect bites
Quickly rub the leaf and make a bandage from the leaves. Also applies leek, onion, garlic, sage, lavender, parsley and other containing essential oils.

Lymph nodes, inflammation
Applying the leaves soothes the pain and helps remove toxins.

Gastric ulcer
Drink 2-3 glasses of juice a day.

Place 2 leaves for 4 hours or overnight. Morning and evening to introduce to the nostrils 1 / 2 teaspoon of fresh juice. Use inhalation of essential oils.

Put 3-4 leaves in the stomach at night. Drink 1-3 glasses of juice a day between meals. After a few days ago to make a break. It is also recommended use of essential oils and pollen. Preference is given to the blueberry juice.

Use the juice of cabbage juice with black Velcro and a few drops of lemon, sweetened with sugar or honey.

Drink the juice. Eat cabbage stewed in sunflower oil with a pinch of cumin, to do the night wraps with fresh cabbage leaves.

Drink water from the boiled cabbage 2-4 cups a day.

Pay in the morning and evening after 3 leaves, cover with cotton wool and bandage lightly. This facilitates the outflow of effort from the damaged limb. Reduces congestion.

Varicose veins (inflammation of the arteries)
Poultice of leaves to reduce congestion. This also applies to heavy legs, and cyanosis of the skin. At night applied 3 layers of leaves on the surface bigger than complaint. Cover the wool, lightly bandage. It activates the blood circulation, animates the body, purifies the impure substance włośniczki.

What and how to apply?

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