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What to feed babies?

What to feed babies?
  • In the first weeks
  • In the second month
  • In the third month
  • In the fifth month
  • In the seventh and eighth month
  • From 10-12 months of age
  • in 2 and 3 years of age
In the first weeks of life the nutritional needs of infants are usually met by breast milk. This is evidenced by the appropriate weight gain. Breastfed newborn baby needs to be supplemented diet in only one vitamin, namely vitamin "D" or przeciwkrzywiczną, which has an extremely important part in the metabolism of the growing organism. How many drops of the vitamin needs child, always decide pediatrician, because it depends not only on the individual needs of a baby, but to some extent also on the season.

In the second month of life breast-fed infant diet enriched soczkami of vegetables and fruits, initially with carrots and apples. These juices are given in a raw state, and therefore a very important issue is the way of preparation. Keep perfect cleanliness of all dishes and kitchen utensils as well as the products themselves. Number soczków increases gradually from 1 to 4-6 teaspoons a day.

Rice gruel - for 100 ml of water gives a 1 / 2 teaspoon butter, 1 / 2 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon rice gruel powder, or rice, which earlier needed to cook and clean.

In the third month of life, give the child an apple tart, and the juices from berries, if of course the season allows it. The juice from citrus and strawberries, I advise to be careful, because children tend to be prone to allergy to these fruits.

In the fifth month of introducing the diet of vegetable soup. The group should come carrots, celery, a little parsley, and after several days of the potato and beet. Boil vegetables until tender and wipe. After two weeks of soup add half the yolks. The composition of vegetables may slightly change or reduce the proportion of one to another. We provide first child just a few teaspoons of soup, it would become accustomed to the new taste and texture of food.This meal, however, must be supplemented by feeding a baby. With time, the soup add some finely chopped meat. The best is veal, chicken or young beef. Infant may also be administered rice gruel.

In the seventh and eighth month of the diet can introduce new vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, onions, etc. It is administered by each new meal porridge of linseed and St. John's Wort tea (tea avoided the sun).

From 10-12 months of age, you can give your child finely chopped tenderloin, sausages and cooked meats such as meatballs. During this time your child eats well compotes, jellies, biscuits, etc.

Sometimes, however, that the mother for various reasons is unable to breast-feed the baby from the beginning has to be fed artificially. The market is a specially prepared milk powder and other mixtures, adjusted for age. Here, I suggest to read carefully the composition of such preparations, and if only it is possible to replace them natural. If you must use them, best to consult your doctor (good doctor), which will determine the most appropriate way of feeding.To avoid continuing the preparation of compound, you can immediately prepare more for the entire day (just for one day), pour into bottles, cover with clean gauze and scald (do not boil) for 10 minutes under cover. After cooling, the bottle is stored in the refrigerator at the bottom.

Initially, the child is fed 7 times a day, then 6 times. From the fifth month passes are usually for 5 feedings. However, if the child is hungry and crying, you have to feed them before. But when you sleep, you better not wake up. Half an hour difference is not a problem.

It is known that the ideal purity of everything that comes into contact with the infant, is the primary responsibility of the mother. But in the case of artificial feeding is a particular duty.Infants do not receive a natural food, because it is devoid of protective barrier, which he delivers it, that is more susceptible to any infections and germs. Artificially fed children in a timely fashion shall also be made juices, purees, soups, vegetable, and, often, vitamins, of course, only those that your doctor recommends.

Child nutrition in early childhood, that is, 2 and 3 years of age, is other than an infant. Its weight is tripled. At the same time growth increases are usually about 25 cm. However, the boy in early childhood usually arrives in 2 kg in weight, while increases of about 9 cm.Therefore, the demand for calories is lower than the demand of the baby. Toddlers should drink at least 1 / 2 liter of milk a day, eat cheese, butter, meat, lean fish, and fruits and vegetables. Suffice it usually four meals, in the case of the so-called. "Niejadków" you can enter five meals but less abundant. In fact, the child eats what we all household members, so that the dishes are seasoned with a bit different. And one more thing. Do not force your child to eat and do not feed them forcefully.

What to feed babies?

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