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Man two-thirds made up of water and therefore it is our most important nutrient. In one day a man loses 1.5 liters of water excreted through the skin, lungs and the kidneys, which ensures the removal of toxic substances. During the combustion of glucose is produced third liter of water, we need to provide for herself during the day about 2 liters of liquids from solids and liquids. The food is the most water in fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain the approximately 90%. Four fruits and four servings of vegetables (about 1.1 kg), providing about 1 liter of water and drink a liter remained in the form of diluted fruit juice or herbal tea or fruit.Alcohol, coffee and tea are not recommended, as they cause "escape" of water and minerals from the body.

Tap water

The popular "tap water", which are basically doomed, contains the insoluble salts of calcium and iron, that accumulate in our body in the form of harmful deposits. Water straight from the tap water contains harmful to your health or chlorine and its compounds and the admixture of radioactive compounds, which are not removed during cooking. Therefore, before using the water (even for watering flowers, etc.) should leave it for 2-3 hours to get rid of chlorine.When boiling water is changing its natural structure, making it "dead."
Mineral water

Mineral water - in Poland, under the influence of lobbying the producers of mineral water, provisions are made for mineral water (reduction in the standard content of mineral salts in 1 liter of water with 1000 mg for a minimum of 300 mg), which meant that the water sold hardly differ from the usual " Pearls of water supply. " Water "extracted from a depth of 800 m is probably a publicity stunt which is to swap the words" from a distance "to" the bottom ", which perfectly reflects the quality of the water. Despite everything, using mineral water (for drinking or cooking) for 2-4 weeks be sure to take a break for 3-4 months. Continuous drinking of mineral water by children is especially not advisable.

Structured water

Water "structured" - the best and most advantageous for human health. This type of water is contained in the juices of fruits and vegetables and melted ice (obviously not ours, which contains all the debris floating in the atmosphere). The most obvious changes resulting from the use of "bad" water ripples are caused by drying out the water in our cells. How to make water "structured"

Tombak Ordinary tap water, pour into a pot of any size (the amount depends on the size fridge freezer.) Allow the chlorine evaporated, boil, cover with lid, and cool. Put into the freezer for 2-3 hours. After removing the layer of break the ice and pour the water into another container. This water has the same structure as the water in our cells. In winter it is much easier, but not heat frozen water, but wait as it melts itself.

One cup of this water on an empty stomach improves mood and appearance. Should be small sips to drink, and if someone can not, you should drink through a straw, which itself 'forces' small sips.Drinking this water is recommended especially in elderly people, because it leaches not only deposits but also dead and old cells, which is an excellent prevention.

Fr GRANDE Ordinary tap water pour into the pan (depending on your needs) and to hold face all night, flew to chlorine. Then simmer for 10 minutes, and pour studzimy into plastic bottles of mineral water. Put them in the freezer for several hours. Be careful that the water did not freeze completely, because the effect is grenade.Take out when the part will turn to ice. After przemrożeniu, water takes on the taste and character of the original water, the faster quenches thirst, does not work przeziębiająco, even if the ice is still in the bottle. During the process, as nearly przemrożenia subject to a purifying distillation and is ideal for immediate consumption.
Water siliceous

Fr GRANDE Who wants to have a good home water silica, which invigorate at any time of year, let him do so: half a kilo of dried horsetail crushed, pour into enameled pot, pour filtered water, let set overnight. Morning boil 20 minutes, set aside. When ustoi is not very dense strain through a sieve, pour into a stone pot wyziębionego.Casserole evaporates and will not allow the water to warm up and thereby obtain silica - an excellent, hard water directly for drinking tea, washing your teeth, cooking soups.


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