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At the beginning of the replay from a small school, with lessons human sciences. Everyone or almost everyone knows what is the human digestive system and what it consists. Contrary to popular belief, the stomach is not the main body that serves to digest food.Adequate digestion begins just behind him. Problems may begin with questions like this happens but it does not find czytance complex biological and chemical names, we will also count any calories, because it is unnecessary. We leave it to science. We are interested in only parts of the digestive system and their tasks, and what they do after eating food. When we understand what it all meant, and we adhere to the guidelines, in a relatively short time and come to health and to the proper shape. The study was primarily based on the two authors - Mrs. Jadwiga Górnicki (doctor) and prof. Michael Tombaku (physician and biologist), who simply and clearly explain the relationship between food and health.

Digestion begins in principle no longer the feeling of hunger. Then come into play to external stimuli - the look, smell, which initiate the secretion of enzymes to a particular product. It is therefore important to focus on eating, and not while watching television or reading newspapers. What enzyme is produced the body, when watching a car crushed by a tank? The human body is a biological "motor" that would be good to work must be delivered 'fuel' of specified composition and a certain amount. Digestion, is nothing but the product distribution for simple ingredients that can absorb the body to supply energy in the fuel cell.

Our power company begins production in the "language faculty wetting, grinding and crushing" - in the mouth gębowej. All, without exception, point to the fact that the food was bitten as far as possible, and metastasis, because the precise fragmentation, the less energy your body will lose a further "treatment." Secreted by the parotid saliva (salivary glands produce about 1.5 liters of it daily) is the first barrier of defense and has strong antibacterial properties.Here, too, with the help of enzymes starch is decomposed into glucose and maltose. Thus, a request - how to drink. Each sip of the liquid should be a moment to hold in the mouth, saliva had time to spread (or at least started to break down) starch and sugar.

Then the pieces of food through the esophagus to the stomach leak.The esophagus is a muscular 25-centimeter tube in which there is no digestive processes occur (or do not know about them.) In the stomach to "work" joins gastric juice consisting of enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Stomach during the day produces about 2.5 liters of gastric juice. Here is nadtrawienie proteins and fats. Stomach in order to protect its walls emits a certain amount of mucus. This destroys mucus acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin and derivatives), ethyl alcohol and bile, which is sometimes transferred from the duodenum to the stomach (the pyloric damaged).

Nadtrawione in the stomach proteins and fats, in turn, pass to the duodenum, and this is only their digestion. Duodenum is nothing like the first 25 cm of small intestine. Between the stomach and duodenum to be injected nadtrawionego food juice bile from the liver and pancreatic juice from the pancreas. Both substances together with the intestinal juice, and by the flow of the intestine are mixed to form the so-called food. milk ingestion, in which the digestive processes occur. This is the first part of the small intestine are absorbed into the body - water, mineral salts, sugars, amino acids, vitamins, iron and fatty acids. In the final part will be absorbed vitamin B12 and bile salts.

After passing remnants niestrawionego food in the small intestine to the colon is absorbed in the rest of the body of useful products, especially water and juices aside previously. The rest is formed in fecal masses, which are excreted to the outside. The fecal bacteria are propagated in the large intestine mucosa exfoliated epithelium and water, and the color of it all is dependent on the bile pigments.Let's pause for a moment. Since in the large intestine are absorbed remnants of useful products, and liquid water is a proposal. The large intestine must be biologically pure. If the walls are plastered with old, rotten food debris (fecal stones), then penetrate into the body all the toxins from the rotting debris. It is the source of most disease that affects the large intestine, and therefore received the nickname "The health of the fuse."

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