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RULES FOR FAT-consuming

? Animal fats are butter, cream, lard. 
? Vegetable fats - vegetable oils and most nuts. 
? Fats can be mixed with carbohydrates and vegetables. 
? Fats should be eaten in limited amounts - 25-30 grams of vegetable oil per day, 10-15 g butter cream (2 tablespoons). 

Useful tips: 

? Particularly damaging is fat frying at 150 ° C (this temperature is in the pan during frying). At these temperatures all fats, including vegetable oils, decompose, turning into a toxic, carcinogenic. In fried products creates a "skin"-like polyethylene. In particular, there are carcinogens. Consumption of such products increases the risk of cancer and liver disease. Therefore, the best fats to eat in the form of nieogrzanej, immediately before use. 

? During the production of butter is used a lot of impurities "hidden preservatives so that the shelf life is extended by several months. To eliminate the harmfulness of different additives recommended cleaning cream butter (melting it, or Preparation). This butter does not increase cholesterol, not rancid, and can be stored for a long time without adding preservatives. 

Tombak 250 g butter (diced) into the pot, pour hot, boiling water 250 ml (cup) and cook on low heat for 1 hour. Then cool and refrigerate. Once set the butter pour out the water. In this water there are all kinds of dopants. The second way is melting. Cream the butter cubes to put in a pan and melt it at low temperature (at a very low heat) until the thick mass of an olive color.Then cool. 

Note on Polish butter! ( "Adulteration of butter on a large scale confirm the results of an inspection carried out by the Trade Inspection. After checking 81 samples of butter, it turned out that more than half are false! Trade Inspection found that the left-hand lubricant is doing as much as 12 manufacturers. [. ..], some butter and a whetstone, "Dr. Milk's" Laktopol from Losice. The manufacturer does not mention a word on the package that added to them - as demonstrated by the university - the vegetable fat. [...] Why manufacturers can fake butter? Because I want to earn. In Poland, palm oil (mostly imported from Malaysia) is cheap. The wholesale cost of about 2.30 zł / kg. Per kilo of butter - also for wholesale - pay nearly five times more. If the manufacturer does mix and sell it as real butter, this may well make money. "
RULES FOR FAT-consuming

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