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? During winter and spring did not eat excessively tomatoes and cucumbers. These vegetables are grown artificially, or picked unripe, and therefore quickly rot and spoil. To increase the storage time are exposed to a variety of ways. 
? Many people complain that they can not eat raw vegetables. This happens because all items of plant should be thoroughly chewed, because their digestion begins to take place in the mouth. If you do not do, that's not good chewed food enters the stomach, where it will ferment, and this causes a heavy gas and bloating. I would advise that people who are missing more than four teeth, use the grater to prepare the plant material, preferably plastic. 
? Many vegetables contain nukleidy radioactive and therefore must prepare salad with vegetables grown on their own plot or clean vegetables. If you do not have such possibilities, radioactive nukleidów we get rid of as follows: vegetables before consumption should soak in salted water for 3 hours without light. In this way, approximately 40% of the radionuclides is destroyed. 

? In the cold season source of vitamins and macro and micronutrients should be pickled vegetables, dried fruits and their products. 

Useful tips: 

? Best to eat products grown at home and preferably in accordance with the season. The idea is that each plant (fruits and vegetables) contains "information", which is formed in the plant under the influence of climate. 
? In the summer you need to eat more fruits and vegetables, which cools the body (watermelons, lemons, oranges, tangerines), and fruit growing in our region. In winter, warm up the body more - meal and dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and roots. 
? In the summer to better prepare breakfast of fruit, because they are rich in all the elements necessary for the body, making the blood alkaline, give an enormous amount of energy and do not need it a lot to digest food. 
? The proportion of sodium and potassium in the body must be at 1:20 and so if you notice that the swelling, you feel an excess of water in the body should consume products with high content of potassium (peas, squash, green peas). If on the contrary, that seek to consume the product to retain water in the body (olive, pumpkin, pears, raspberries, currants, carrots, apples, apricots, tomatoes, millet, buckwheat, oats). The ideal ratio of sodium and potassium are potatoes, cherries, cucumbers and cabbage. 

Tuszyńska Teresa in his book "Health has no price," writes, inter alia: 
Potatoes should be a component of everyday diet podstwowy. They contain a lot of starch, protein, minerals, vitamins and rare factor "U". Vitamins and minerals rinse the potatoes while cooking, because the healthiest are cooked in a "jacket" (together with the peel) or baked, and cooked in soup.Sprouting potatoes will produce a solanine, which is very harmful to health.These potatoes must be peeled and coarsely necessarily wyłuskiwać sprouts. If you cook peeled, they should be completely rinsed and tossed into boiling, salted water and cook covered over low heat. Water boiled potatoes on the salt contains many minerals and vitamins, so we should not flush. It must be used for sauce or soup, may also be a valuable remedy in many diseases such as urolithiasis. However, if you want to drink it, the potatoes should be cooked without salt. They can be strained after salt water. Vapors from boiling potatoes help in catarrh and chrypce. Potatoes are also helpful in treating cancer, and squeezed juice from grated potato is used to treat gastric and duodenal ulcers (drink every day from 1 / 2 to 3 / 4 cup for 6-7 weeks). Consumption of potato pancakes should be limited because they are hard to digest. 

Dry legumes such as beans or peas, contain an ingredient unieczynniający trypsin (pancreatic enzyme), so consumption of these food products cause bloating. Food is hard to digest. In order to improve their taste and digestion at the same time, you should add to the pea soup and caraway marjoram, and savory bean soup (to prevent bloating). All dishes of legumes should be eaten in small quantities to avoid bloating, abdominal pain, but you can not forget that they are. For example, soybean (of course this is not genetically modified), equals the value of the protein in milk, and protects against colorectal cancer, as well as against other cancers. With it you can even, in the initial stage of the disease, cure cancer. Green beans with water can be consumed in any amount, but if you pour it hot browned butter and bread crumbs, can be harmful. Same with cauliflower and other vegetables. 

Cucumber askorbinazę contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin "C". So if we add the cucumber to the other salads, we deprive them of this vitamin.Best to add the cucumber dill, since it binds and protects askorbinazę vitamin "C".

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