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RULES eat foods with carbohydrates and STARCH

? The starch should be eaten the same type (without bread buckwheat, peas without bread). Several types of starch eaten at the same time will increase appetite and result in an increased amount of food eaten. 
? Do not eat bread, pasta and meal with jam or sugar, because mixing them together will cause fermentation in the stomach. Therefore, often after eating buns, donuts with jam or jelly feel heartburn. For these reasons, please do not eat starches and sugars together. For example, do not add sugar to any kind of meal (owsianek). Bread can be spread with honey, but preferably to health dissolve honey in boiled water and drink. 
? Fresh and dried fruits can be combined with starches - chleben, kaszami and rice. 

? Cereal, bread, potatoes and other starches should be eaten separately from meat, fish, eggs, cheese, curd, ie, food protein. The interval between the consumption of carbohydrates and proteins should be at least 2-3 hours.
? The food starch is recommended to eat during the day, between 9:00 AM and 13:00, as in the digestion of carbohydrates, the body gets the most energy. This energy will be completely burnt down during classes throughout the day. This observation is especially valuable for people prone to obesity. 
? Before the intake of starch is essential to eat a vegetable salad. 
? Best to prepare salads from the following vegetables: cabbage, carrots, beets, fennel, parsley, salt and spices. Enzymes contained in vegetables helps to digest starch. 

Useful tips: 

? Digestion of starch begins in the mouth, because starchy foods should also carefully chewed. 
? The species of bread and cereal bezdrożdżowego have vegetable fibers that cleanse the digestive tract. Daily consumption of these products is the most valuable prevention work of the digestive system. 
? Health benefits are groats - buckwheat, wheat, corn, barley, rice (wild, crude). Cereal should be cooked to the "dense", without large amounts of water. They should also be a third of our daily meals. 

Górnicka Consuming excess flour products, sugar, protein, causing general poisoning of the body, eye inflammation, conjunctivitis, iritis, keratitis. Eye disease to the cause of poisoning food, can be cured with a hunger strike.Then, the expulsion of combustion products that block the muscles and blood vessels surrounding the eyes, which leads to relaxation and loosening muscles and improve eyesight.
RULES eat foods with carbohydrates and STARCH

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