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RULES consumption of Dominant PROTEIN

? If you eat fat with protein (meat fried in vegetable oil), then you should eat plenty of meat with vegetables. The abundance of vegetable fats neutralizes harmful activities. 
? Protein is best not to mix with other proteins. Each protein should be eaten separately, a type of protein in each case, for example, only the meat or just beans, or just fish. 
? Eat more protein products for dinner, no later than two hours before bedtime, because by night the body deals with the need of regeneration and protein substances. Vegetable salad must be found for any dietary protein. 

Useful advice on consumption of products with a predominance of proteins: 

? Best to eat the meat roasted in the oven or on grill. Do not fry in the oil and cook. 
? Rosoły meat products (broths) - to digest meat broth, the body uses 30 times more energy than the digestion of meat. Meat products contain over 20 different toxic substances during cooking and they go to the broth. In this way, the meat broth is a "condensed extract from dead animal." The best stocks to give up meat. 
? Since proteins are not required to man in large quantities sufficient to consume meat, fish, poultry - 2 times a week. 100 g nuts fully meet the daily requirements for protein. 200g of meat or 300 g of fish is best to replace the 120 g of legumes. 
? Meat and fish should always be freshly prepared to eat, leaving them the next day. 
? If you cook the meat, for 10 minutes before cooking, add a slice of apple.The meat will be juicy. Fish will be tastier if during cooking will be pouring several times with cold water. 

Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Lorraine Day. Interview of 21 July 2006 was posted at the English side [?]. Its publisher, a radio presenter while Daryl Bradford Smith is known for controversial programs critical to the Zionists and Israel. This time the guest of the French Connection is Dr. Lorraine Day, who served for many years, including vice-president of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University and was the main orthopedic surgeon at a hospital in San Francisco. Interview given to Zionism in the U.S., not least the following passage is interesting from the standpoint of medicine and żywienia.Tekst in Polish history is given here [?].

Daryl Bradford Smith - When I was in college it was said not to eat beef before the exams, I did not know that this is a scientific basis, but it seems that it is right. Dr. Lorraine Day - This is another reason. After eating animal products, regardless of whether it is beef or chicken, it takes enormous amounts of energy to digest them, because these products contain 40% fat and 40% protein - it is so for both meat and fish or poultry. This amount of digested protein slows the brain, and fat to download huge amounts of energy from the body. Additionally, it causes dehydration of the body, because digestion of animal products requires a large amount of water. The brain, which is 85% composed of water, through its loss due to digestion or not functioning normally. 

Cooked Górnicka protein in the digestive tract causes decay, during which produce toxic products. Some of them will be expelled with the faeces, but some is absorbed by the body tissue to create a source of inflammatory lesions and deposits. The main place of their deposition is adipose tissue.Protein poisoning causes emotional numbness, weakness of activity, closing in on itself, impaired thought processes. One method of removing these poisonings is fasting, which also helps in cases of metabolic disorders, which also applies to eczema, asthma, hypertension, gall stones, hardening of the veins.
RULES consumption of Dominant PROTEIN

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