Gram Zdrowia



? Do not drink and eat some food, which "burn us in the mouth. "Eating hot foods, in addition to burns of the mouth organs, can causeanemia, back pain, arthritis, pelvic and leg muscles.
? In no case łączmy sugar from proteins. Egg yolk beaten with sugar,a favorite of children, "Kogel-mogel" is sweet, "murderer. "
? If we drink fresh milk, then drink it the same, without any additives.Milk, is a friendly enemy. "A glass of milk for the student" - is apropaganda matołów and "farming " a sick society.
? The temperature around 100 ° C "kills" vitamins, above 47 ° Cbiologically active enzymes, and converts the organic compounds, inorganic, it is difficult to assimilate by the human body.
? Eat only fresh foods, prepared "at once". Fried and warms the other day, do not have their original Core Messaging Features are harmful to the digestive system
? Not przesalajmy. All dishes are "salted" by nature. Salt onlyimproves the taste, and it drastically affect an overdose of sodium to potassium ratio and is a major cause of hypertension, andhypertension is a "swan song" of our kidneys.

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