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The transition to a healthy lifestyle, which proposes to prof. Tombak requires some time and, above all, our attitude. If you do not "grow up" to drive changes to the existing provisions of the diet, it will burn all our efforts failed. It is like "casting" smoking. If we do not decide to stop smoking, it does not help support any drugs, slices, acupuncture or hypnosis. Without a strong commitment to sooner or later we will return to the old habit. Is aware of and prof. Tombak, who writes that the shift to correct the diet should be gradual.

? We start from the vegetable juices (two times a day for a glass) without changing the current diet. Thus proceed the first 1-1.5 months.
? Over the next 1.5-2 months in the diet add more salads and vegetables, so that 30-40% of the foods were raw, boiled or stewed vegetables.

? Changing the balance between raw and cooked food. Raw - 60%, cooked - 40%.
? In compiling the daily menu should be guided by a simple rule - eat what grows on land, underground, in trees and honey, eggs, sour milk-products, drinking tea with herbs and freshly prepared fruit juices and vegetables.
? Please change the order of the articles consumed - consumed fluids 20 minutes before eating, fruits before eating, the first course salad, main course - carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes, etc.) or proteins (meat, fish, beans, eggs, etc.)
? Minimise the consumption of artificially bred, refined and smoked products.

When you feel that this way of eating, "came to us in blood" simply referred to observe the principles of healthy eating:

? Consume products grown in the region in which we live.
? Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, strictly according to the seasons of their maturation.
? Each meal should contain raw summer, and stewed or pickled vegetables in winter.
? Rezygnujmy from eating leavened bread, eat some bread baked from flour coarse.
? Let us prepare meals in accordance with Table of reunification.
? Chew food thoroughly.
? Prepare meals immediately before eating and try to eat them immediately after cooking.
? Not chestnut many times and did not eat some meals prepared posiłkoów yesterday.
? Reduce the intake of artificial food, refined and smoked.
? Rezygnujmy possibly ready meals and canned products.
? Reduce intake of coffee and tea.
? Add spices to the dishes (especially in winter).
? In summer and autumn Let's Day "strawberry", "cherry", "apple", etc. are not eating anything else.
? Once a week we perform the "post" lasting 16-24 hours, drinking at that time only boiled water.
? When you are fresh carrots, beets, apples, freshly prepared juice drink up to 1 liter per day.
? Fighting with constipation - is the main enemy of health and the main cause of aging.
? From Monday to Friday nourish ourselves modestly.
? However, on Saturday and Sunday, let us do your holiday and eat some everything we want, in accordance with the principle of the ancient doctors - even the poison in small quantities can be a cure.

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