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Doctor Górnicka COUNCIL - Rational nutrition principles

? Ideally, due to good digestion, eat a meal consisting of a single food product.
? If you do not want to follow this rule, be laid according to the rules of proper food combining sets.
? Connect no more than four products of a single group.
? The meal should not contain more than one protein product.
? Fats (oils) they slow down digestion. Are best absorbed from vegetables and fruits, while ill with starch and protein.
? Tomatoes should be eaten raw.
? Fresh cucumber never combine with tomato.

Should dispel the myth of the perfection of milk as food. According to recent studies the milk is the product of almost indigestible. No mammal, except man and the cat (taught him to drink milk man) after exiting from infancy does not drink any milk. Milk contains a lot of casein, which is only needed for the construction of the hair and nails. The baby at the age of 1-2 years longer secrete rennet, which alone is able to digest casein. The myth of calcium przywajalnym patients can check for osteoporosis, where drinking milk does not cure the disease, but rather deepens it. Milk consumed with other foods is immediately cut in the stomach and sticks to other foods, making it difficult for his digestion. As the food begins to be nadtrawiane last. If someone does not want to abandon it to let it eat it separately and not in large quantities. It is recommended that the consumption of processed milk - yogurt, kefir, sour milk, cottage cheese, yellow cheese aged (but not Polish, "TNT", whose maturation is dependent only on the duration of transport to the store).

? Yogurt can be eaten with ripe półkwaśnymi fruits, vegetables and leafy kiełkującymi seeds, grains.
? If, as is very desirable fruits are eaten separately, we recommend their selection by type of seed (peaches, mirabelle, olives, cherries, sour cherries), citrus fruit, fruit with a stone plaque nests (apples, pears), melons, dried fruits. Prof. Tombak recommends consumption of whole apples, in addition to parts, you can not chew.In 6 apples beans is included daily intake of iodine.
? Milk (except cottage cheese), potatoes, peas, beans, fruits and vegetables are zasadotwórcze, contain a lot of alkaline elements.Zasadotwórcze are coffee, beer, cola, wine, milk, fruit juices.
? All meat, sausages, offal, eggs, all fish, butter, yeast, nuts, starch, chocolate, cocoa, fats, oils, mayonnaise, cheese, cottage cheese and bread - are acidic.
? Bananas can be eaten with fruit półkwaśnymi.
? Do not eat too many peanuts. They are hard to digest.
? For all products, you can add a heavy ground cumin with marjoram, which facilitates the process of digestion.
? Used, but in moderation, digestive spices - pepper, and natural herbs, ground cumin with marjoram, cinnamon, ginger (add small amounts!), Leeks, garlic, onion, parsley, coriander, sage, etc.
? Do not drink hot liquids, do not eat hot meals. Having a temperature above 45 ° C can cause anemia, back pain, arthritis, pelvic and leg muscles.

and her other tips for eating

? the meal should be choose such foods that taste best,
? weight of the meal should not exceed 600 g. not overfeed, especially before starting work harder
? main meal should be eaten at noon when the sun's rays the strongest work. Solar radiation has an effect on digestion, and therefore a last meal should be seated before sunset,
? between meals snacking habit is harmful,
? Do not eat when you feel pain, nervousness, after an exhausting work, fatigue,
? with digestive difficulties, it is good before a meal break 10 minutes,
? do not drink while eating, you can satisfy the desire for a half hour before meals or 1 hour after eating,
? for salads, salads, add onions, sunflower oil, soybean oil, or olive, the cooked foods have to add oil after turning off the fire, or even on the plate,
? to prepare the bread-cheese paste, vegetable, white cheese is best eaten alone, without bread, when we feel hunger,
? cereal, rice, noodles to eat with eggs, cheese, milk, legumes (beans, peas), soup of the brew boil vegetables with mushrooms and herbs, spices,
? moderate use of sugar and sweets, gradually replacing them with honey, sweet fruit (fresh or dried)
? cereal and rice cooked with sypko eat eggs, cottage cheese, beans or with mushroom sauce, tomato, dill,
? once a day eating the same meal with vegetables (even one) cooked with potatoes,
? Eat foods in their natural state, do not fry cook what you can not cook what you can eat raw,
? the last meal eaten in principle three hours before bedtime and do not forget that stomach sleeping with a man
? drinking water in the morning and evening is flushing the digestive tract,
? juices should be kept in the mouth moment to be able to mix with saliva.

Note for people with vegetable gardens: pay attention to the proper distribution of the plant, so that they can thrive and protect and support each other. Parsley protects tomato, carrots and beans.Thyme and mint protect cabbage. Oaks protect against snails.Hazel deters flies. Beans growing in the vicinity of a bad onion.
Doctor Górnicka COUNCIL - Rational nutrition principles

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