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Doctor Górnicka COUNCIL - Council antycholesterolowe

2 / 3 of cholesterol the body produces itself and the third comes from food.

? Use lecithin, flaxseed, garlic, apples (eat at least 2 a day), fiber.
? Eat less saturated fat - butter, lard, lard and other animal fats.
? For baking use only 3-4 grams of butter per day.
? Avoid fatty meats, cheeses, pastries, sauces, soups zaprawianych fat cream.
? Eat vegetable oils, preferably sunflower and soybean oil (cold pressed), whole wheat, wheat and rye, which contains 4 times more vitamin E than white bread, and also has iron and all the macro-and micronutrients, vitamins and fiber.
? Use processed milk (kefir, yogurt, curdled milk) for at least 2 cups a day.

? Eating vegetables and seeds to 1 kg per day. The greater the variety, the better, without any fat or oil with a small addition, especially for those vegetables, which are a source of carotenes (vitamin A) or germ containing vitamin E, since those with fat-soluble, without them there will be assimilated.
? Starch and protein, eat separately. Otherwise, the food is in arrears for too long in the stomach and is not digested.
? Jarzyna one unto eat cooked, and other raw.
? Eat everything fresh. In particular, oil should be fresh (not like light, sun and frost, the light of the rancid, and vitamin A is distributed.)They are calories, but lower blood cholesterol levels. In the course of heating oil to burn care. Burnt oil (like other fats) contain a poisonous acrolein, which is a carcinogen.
? Garlic lowers cholesterol levels.
? Preventing excess cholesterol should eat flaxseed contain much lecithin cholesterol dissolving.
Doctor Górnicka COUNCIL - Council antycholesterolowe

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