Gram Zdrowia


1 Never connect a protein foods (meat, sausages) with carbohydrate(potatoes, bread).
2 Never eat two hot meals and do not drink hot beverages.
3 Follow the 3-4 hour intervals between meals.
4 For a snack (between meals), eat fruit alone, or vegetable salads.
5 Do not sip while eating. Drink half an hour before meals or one hour after a meal.
6 Limit coffee and black tea. Drink the juice of fresh vegetables, fruitand herbal or fruit teas.
7 Do not eat fried foods. Healthier are boiled or steamed.
8 Avoid white "killers" - bread with white flour, sugar and sweet milk.
9 Every natural yogurt, and drink the fresh juice of one lemon.
10 The best remedy is to move. In this film there is not and probablynever will.

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