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Please treat this issue informative and przymróżeniem eye, because when alcohol is not safe doses. Alcohol provides 7 calories for each gram, and burns up in the body at 60 mg / 1 kg body weight / hour. Half a liter of 40% alcohol is 200 grams of pure alcohol, a man weighing 90 kg will burn it within 37 hours.

? A glass of vodka (whiskey) 30 g is 10-12 g of pure alcohol
? 1 glass of cognac (gin, rum), 30 g to 10-15 g of pure alcohol
? A glass of wine to 100 g from 1913 to 1915 g of pure alcohol,
? 1 cup beer, 250 g to 7-14 g of pure alcohol.

Michael Garner, an American scholar studying the effects of alcohol on human defines a "moderate" dose of alcohol for adults:

? white or red wine - 2 g per 1 kg body weight per day,
? hard liquor (40%) - 0.5 g per 1 kg body weight per day.

White wine cleanses the kidneys, slightly stimulates the nervous system and promotes better digestion. Red wine improves liver function, increase appetite, purifies the blood, tones the endocrine system, calming the nervous system, improves the processes of breathing, reduces the risk of heart disease in people with high levels of cholesterolu.Wino is beneficial for elderly people suffering from anemia and having a weakened body. Burgundczycy wine called "old milk."

Please also do not benefit from the work of scholars working papers to the east of the Bug on account of other measures and conversion factors. There he adopts the basic unit for conversion is 1 liter of alcohol at a concentration of 98%, and daily "health" dose is half a liter of statistical head and allows for sound sleep even in orbital weightlessness. Oh, one more thing - alcohol precipitated pepsin digestion and prevent any protein. So roll up herrings, schabowym egg with mayonnaise and poisons our body and is with his own money, which can be used to purchase the next batch of alcohol.

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Według lekarzy jedynym sposobem utrzymania zdrowia jest jedzenie tego, na co się nie ma chęci, picie tego, czego się nie lubi i robienie tego, czego by się wolało nie robić. Mark Twain

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