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This drug we do not have to produce ourselves, is in stores. We need only draw attention to the conditions in which it was prepared.First of all, must be cold pressed and the best virgin and refined. In addition to excellent flavor is also used in unconventional medicine for detoxification, and more specifically to remove toxins of us who are in the saliva. Almost all offer so-called "choke" oil.

How to use - This is a simple procedure, done "fasting", which consists in keeping the mouth 1 / 2 tablespoons of oil for 25-30 minutes. The oil should be kept in the mouth by stirring language of the saliva. Warning! Do not swallow it. At the beginning of the oil is thick, but after a few minutes to become rare and become white.After 30 minutes, oil, be sure to rinse your mouth and spit it out.

Toxins found in saliva, "pass" for the oil and it is condensed with a mixture of poisons. Prophylactic treatment is used once a day (the longer the period of time the better), a therapeutically twice a day - on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime, at least 3 hours after the last meal. It is not unpleasant taste in the mouth feel rozgryzanych sunflower seeds. A therapeutic effect will be announced after the behavior of our body - we'll feel better. I remind you that any treatment of natural medicines requires us to patience and perseverance, and above all systematic. This is not a "chemistry", which works immediately. Results are visible after months or even years later. I think our health is worth it.

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