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Spices (roots, bark, seeds or other plant parts) are in addition to taste, including digestive and medicinal properties. They facilitate digestion, and also detoxify the body, healing him. Should be used in moderation, because an overdose can irritate the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal mucosa. In our climate is used more than 50 spices. With spices, food becomes less monotonous, they potentiate the secretion of digestive juices, sometimes longer have the same smell or sight. I mention only the most popular and most easily accessible.

Basil - strengthens and stimulates the activity of the stomach, removes excessive fermentation and flatulence, works relaxant, diuretic, mlekopędnie, stimulates the heart and nerves. Apply to fish soups, broths, rosołków, but it is advisable not to add the other spices so as not to spoil the taste.

Onions - lowers blood pressure, works expectorant, digestive tract is an indispensable measure for all types of harder digestible meats (always with pepper!), Also a necessary addition to salads. Raw is an excellent means for internal disinfection. Who is difficult to digest onion, should it add cumin, marjoram, pepper, real or herbal cure stomach and rather than discontinued onions.

Horseradish - Stimulates activity of the stomach and an analgesic, diuretic and przeciwreumatycznie in okładach irritates the skin until the bubbles, but in minute okładach antirheumatic treatment is the best. Horseradish never cook, but given the raw meat and cold meats, fish and other entrees.

Lemon - lemon peel (yellow and white flesh) belongs to a small group of lower blood pressure in a therapeutic manner, and not merely symptomatic. This group includes only the garlic, onion, sea buckthorn, cranberries, and the list of herbs and herb mistletoe dye.Can be administered without fear even damaged organisms, No side effects do not have to worry about.

Black Cumin - works trawiennie, stimulates the activity of the stomach, acts mlekopędnie, nourishing and accelerates deposits rheumatism. Along with fennel seed, cumin and anise is the best measure for all the troubles lactation in nursing mothers.

Savory - works trawiennie, stimulates the activity of the stomach, acts astringent and diuretic. We use the powdered herb cheese and smoked meat and sauces, gherkins and cucumbers. Bulgarian czubryca has the same effect, but is much stronger.

Garlic - lowers blood pressure and is one of the strongest microbicides (almost always enough for the smell), and in this capacity is performing oral enjoyed the best antibiotic, expectorant, and also works przeciwrobaczo. In the application of an external cause local congestion (needed for rheumatism), and bactericidal activity. The old recipe for pneumonia - four medium potatoes (pick holes) skroić without peeling, add 2 tablespoons of flax seed and 1 crushed garlic head. Pour over all five glasses of water and simmer for 20 minutes. The resultant brew was done to the patient an enema. Apparently, one was enough.

Pumpkin - the grain is the best anthelmintic in our climate against soliterowi (tapeworm), so safe that they can be administered even to children. The flesh is grated raw pumpkin, apple and spiced apple cider vinegar and honey cures nerczycowe proteinuria and edema in children.

Tarragon - is a means of strengthening the stomach, it is used in infusions for neurosis of the stomach and digestive tract nieżytowych states. Powdered dry herb is a good digestive herb for soups and sauces, and because the taste can be used where the patient's health requires a salt-free diet.

Juniper - excellent addition to the cabbage for those who find it difficult to digest it. Added to 1 teaspoon per person for 10 minutes before cooking, before you add the cumin and marjoram. Chewing individual berries (overdose can not be afraid) a few pieces, a few times a day is effective in the stinking breath, heart burn, arthritis, rheumatism and urinary nieżytach.

Caraway - eliminates flatulence, is a means wiatrochłonnym, it stimulates the heart and nerves, slightly diuretic and mlekopędnie, so it is advisable for nursing mothers. Popped it boldly to the cheese, meat sauce, the stew and other dishes with cabbage, and above all it added to wholemeal bread. Milled with marjoram in equal amounts gives an excellent, expedient means of flatulence, heart burn and similar sensacjom that may occur after eating. Then take half a teaspoon of this powder, and washed down with cold water, and if one such treatment fails, we can repeat it many times.

Coriander - a good measure digestive, antispasmodic, nutritious and preservative. In a simple enough to use the kitchen to grind one teaspoon per person and sprinkle the meat to the sauce to a given change in the food tasty and easily digestible.

Koper - semen work trwawiennie, stimulates the activity of the stomach, is an expectorant, and diuretic wiatrochłonne. Both seeds and leaves are essential additions to the fresh and pickled cucumbers.

Marjoram - works trawiennie, expectorant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates flatulence, running slightly warming. In the kitchen, we use the marjoram sauce, peas, grochówek, roasted meats and casseroles. Always add at the end of cooking. Infusion of tablespoons of herb per cup of boiling water can enter at the first signs of a cold.

Pepper - of course, this so-called powder. acute. Helps digestion, stimulates the stomach to secrete digestive juices, running slightly diuretic and is a great supplier of vitamins A, B and C.

Parsley - root is a diuretic, diaphoretic and digestive, it needs to be added to salads in diseases of the urinary tract. Leaf has only a diuretic and digestive, but it is the horseradish and blackcurrants largest supplier of vitamin C.

Celery - used internally works like parsley. Celery leaves have plenty of vitamins and you had better root and eat raw than boiled in broth.

Hungarian plum - plum 'plum' have an excellent digestive and laxative effects, but only dried. Freed from the pips, plums rozmoczone add to beans at the end of cooking, which protects us against its action wzdymającym. In addition, prunes, can add to any sauce, meat and stew at the end of cooking.

Thyme - stimulates the activity of the stomach, heart and kidneys, operates an expectorant, antispasmodic and astringent. Herb, you can add anywhere other additives used green, so the broth, bouillon, meat sauces, etc.

Some spices have been omitted, especially those imported as pepper (stimulates digestion, but beware of overdose) and allspice (strengthens the stomach) because we have a lot of spices indigenous to successfully replace them. They should only be learned and applied. We must also remember that the monotonous food on a par with a bad digestion leads to many diseases whose treatment is much more difficult than the "ordinary" infectious cases, which of course we have antibiotics and chemical drugs "rapid response".

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