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Completely forgotten, perfect and healthy drink. It is completely absorbed by the body as opposed to sweet milk. Recipe for homemade kefir is derived from the father Grande, herbalist and promoter of traditional Polish cuisine. Drunk a glass of kefir a day well renews our bacterial flora in the intestines, improves digestion and is very helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers. Can drink it all. From a small child after the age old man.

Bought at the store plain kefir (yogurt) without any additives (sugar and fruit) with a volume of glass (250 ml), pour into a stone pot. Boil the milk simmer for half an hour to evaporated. We leave to cool completely and then pour into a pot of kefir. Be careful not to pour the "scum" because it is excess fat, and it also will create a "fuzz" like a white, thin, wymoczonego paper. We mix it all with a wooden spoon. Cover the plate or lid and leave, leaving at room temperature. Kefir will be ready the next day. If after some time we put the pot in the fridge, then on the second day we have a thick cream as your own kefir. Before use, mix the whole timber, "firlotką" or other device to "zbełtania and pour into glasses. Chilled and well "lightly beaten" tastes great, has a slightly acidic taste, and who saw him try to not look more cream. Remember to leave in the pan for at least a glass of our kefir, which will be used to produce the next one.Now just once a day to buy milk, boil and repeat.

Irena Gumowska in his book, "Do you know what you eat?" writes: "After one day of ripening kefir is" weak "(it has 0.2% alcohol) and runs slightly laxative. After two days of kefir is "average, has 0.4% alcohol i. .. not working, and after 3 days is 0.6% alcohol and properties so breathtaking that it gives patients with chronic intestinal inflammation (diarrhea).

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Coraz więcej dzieci w Polsce faszeruje się lekami,
a liczba zatruć medykamentami lawinowo rośnie.
Najgorsze jest to, że maluchy nie kupują zabójczych
środków same, lecz dostają je także od nadopiekuńczych
rodziców. (...) Z ostatniego raportu organizacji ESPAD
(The European School Survey on Alcohol and Other Drugs),
która bada stosowanie używek wśród młodzieży,
wynika, że do nadużywania leków przyznało się nie mal 20 proc.
polskich nastolatków. To ponad dwa razy więcej niż wynosi
europejska średnia.

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