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Spices (roots, bark, seeds or other plant parts) are in addition to taste, including digestive and medicinal properties. They facilitate digestion, and also detoxify the body, healing him. Should be used in moderation, because an overdose can irritate the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal mucosa. In our climate is used more than 50 spices. With spices, food becomes less monotonous, they potentiate the secretion of digestive juices, sometimes longer have the same smell or sight. I mention only the most popular and most easily accessible.

Basil - strengthens and stimulates the activity of the stomach, removes excessive fermentation and flatulence, works relaxant, diuretic, mlekopędnie, stimulates the heart and nerves. Apply to fish soups, broths, rosołków, but it is advisable not to add the other spices so as not to spoil the taste.


In the treatment of osteoporosis helps eggshell, considered by almost all as useless trash. The eggshell is calcium that is absorbed by the organism in 90%. In addition to calcium carbonate in the shell are all necessary for the body microelements - copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, sulfur, silicon, zinc and other trace elements, which is 27th in total The composition of the test is similar to the composition of our teeth and bones. They can be used for brittle nails and hair, bleeding gums, constipation, irritability, insomnia, chronic catarrh and asthma. How to prepare and how to apply:
Egg shell immersed for 5 minutes in boiling water and allow to dry.Separate and discard the white film that has formed. Other shells to grind in a coffee grinder to a powder. The powder is tasteless and odorless. Use 0.5-1.0 g (the tip of a knife ") per day. Can be eaten with lemon juice or add to the meal, or cottage cheese. Treatment shell eggs must be carried out 2 times a year (in January and November) for 30 days with 1-2 g per day.


This drug we do not have to produce ourselves, is in stores. We need only draw attention to the conditions in which it was prepared.First of all, must be cold pressed and the best virgin and refined. In addition to excellent flavor is also used in unconventional medicine for detoxification, and more specifically to remove toxins of us who are in the saliva. Almost all offer so-called "choke" oil.


Completely forgotten, perfect and healthy drink. It is completely absorbed by the body as opposed to sweet milk. Recipe for homemade kefir is derived from the father Grande, herbalist and promoter of traditional Polish cuisine. Drunk a glass of kefir a day well renews our bacterial flora in the intestines, improves digestion and is very helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers. Can drink it all. From a small child after the age old man.


Prepare just before the period of increased respiratory infection. Inthe period of the disease in an amount of acid drink 1-2 glasses a day.
1 kilogram of beet, peeled and rinsed, cut into small slices or quarters, put into a stone pot and pour lukewarm boiled water. Add 2teaspoons of sugar on top put a dry piece of bread and pressedplate. Let stand for 5-7 days. Then decanted into bottles and store in a dry and dark place.

If we acid after resolution of infection, we can use it to cook the perfect soup.
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