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Fathers Grande Recipes


Everything should be cooked, covered, uncovered nothing.Therefore, we should have a large ceramic pots, used only for fishing. You can never cook in a small saucepan.Escaping Vitamin B1, which we all have a continuous shortage because of the vitamin, like vitamin C, the organism does not accumulate ... Therefore, all pots must be covered with a lid and cook should be so that no one escaped: half a pot volume and half the pot to steam. And one more thing. You have to remove any aluminum in the kitchen - horribly destroys bone and mucosa.

White sausage roast - white sausage rub sunflower oil (not to burst) and lay on baking sheet cakes. Then mulch vegetables according to individual ideas, but it may be the same set as the karkówce. Bake half an hour, then remove the pan from the oven, smear ketschup sausage, vegetables, put the two tablespoons of butter and then bake 20 minutes. Teaches at the dish.

Peas and beans as a feedstock - the beans soaked with quite a lot of cumin, which prevents the bloating and the production of large quantities of gases. We cook it without meat, without salt by adding a tablespoon of butter in the same water in which it moczyliśmy with cumin in a separate pot. Store in a cool place as a blank for soups and other dishes such as baked beans in tomato sauce. Similarly, cook peas (necessarily paddy).

Fasolówka, split pea soup - cook most ordinary potato soup with chopped lean sausage, seasoning marjoram, thyme, and add an intermediate product made before - beans or peas.

Golonka the cold - before cooking shank carefully shave (not fired it), preferably the old shaver. Boil for a long time, like the jelly that has become a kind of viscosity. Take out of the broth by subtracting the skin and meat from bones, cut into pieces and arrange the layers, preferably in small, high-molds, such as baking gingerbread. Do not pour the brew, which the next day we used to cook cabbage soup Krakow. Golonka, after cooling, and preferably on the second day, has strict consistency.

Tea - Tea For cooking dedicate a separate wyparzony, enameled kettle. The dry tea, pour water, we bring to the boil, simmer for 2 minutes and leave for half an hour to "pulled". From this we prepared the essence of tea. A well-brewed, strong tea protects against heart disease, heart failure, stroke, inflammation of the lining of trouble against an attack of viral strains, and even the flu.

Cocoa - There was no coats, cook cocoa evening on the water. Morning warm up and add half and half whole milk from the carton. Drink lightly digestible, rich in caffeine and tebrominę, which affects a great memory, provides B vitamins, vitamin PP and magnesium.

Cocoa with milk - committed a similar error here as in brewing tea. Flooding of boiling milk does not bring out the smell of cocoa or proper nutrition, or content. Just note that the milk boils at a temperature of 85-90 ° C, and cocoa powder to above 100 ° C, is hotter than broth, longer than it cools. Properly cooked like a liquid chocolate in a glass you can see a characteristic, not falling to the bottom of the suspension.

Cauliflower - Cauliflower Do not boil. In the salted boiling water, with a little "Vegeta" to taste, cook cauliflower about 10 minutes, pouring a glass of milk. Then it picks up fork when it is still crunchy and lightly butter a natural ointment świeżutkim to do as much gold ... God forbid, "treat" it toasted bread crumbs. And the liver and the pancreas can not tolerate it.

Pork shoulder cold bread - the bottom of the pan Pour two tablespoons of oil, put a few thin slices of bacon, for not blanched cabbage leaves and a large chuck in its entirety. Pociętymi mulch it into slices vegetables: carrots, onions, potatoes. You can add a peeled apple peel, cut into quarters. Everything is sprinkled with pepper and cinnamon, add the juniper berries and put under the cover of the oven. During baking pour a glass of white wine.

Kefir home - Milk cook over low heat for half an hour to evaporated. We leave to cool in a dark pot (preferably stoneware, only to kefir). Into the cooled milk add a cup of plain kefir, bought at the store, cover with a lid and leave in a warm place. Kefir is ready for consumption the next day. Leave a glass of kefir to acidify the milk next. Mushrooms Chephirah acidify the milk, they prey on bacteria. And because they feed on bacteria gnilnymi, clean milk from all filthiness. In addition, produce lactic acid, the chemical complex opposite that of our bodies, even cadaverous poison removes cancerous.

Potato Compote - water, drained the cooked potatoes, pour the cold milk in a volume of 2 / 3 of the brew. Add the chopped cress and chives, mix and pour into mugs.

Kvass - Three kilograms of biscuits with dark, brown bread, half a kilo of honey, two kilograms of sugar and yeast to blame. All this is overlaid with water in a large stone pot, cover with a towel linen, we focus on two or three days in a warm place. When he starts to ferment, pour into a bottle, close tightly and will hold for a few days left in the cold. For summer is a great, refreshing drink and also healing.

Roasted beets - Several of washed, mid-sized beets bake in the oven on a baking tray (inserting a cup of water there to make some parowało) for about half an hour at 200 ° C until soft. After it cools, put in the fridge.

Potato Pancakes - Beat two eggs properly, pour a pint of boiling milk, grate two large heads of onions and mix thoroughly. If you like soft cakes, let wsypie little baking powder. Only now, we add five grated potato (starch never blackens in milk). After stirring fry in oil. Egg also has a different structure, if it is first broken up with milk. The so-prepared pastry pies will be pale yellow with a pink tint, like young potatoes, easily digestible. If you are the next day, then you should do tomato soup, and instead of rice add the sliced potato pancakes.

Beet syrup (to sweeten) - More than a dozen sugar beets gently wash and peel and cut into small cubes. Put a sizeable pot, pour water and leave for several hours on low heat (water should be supplemented). After some time with the beet liquid begins to emit a first gray, then the color of honey, and finally right - brown like strong tea. Once cooled, decanted into bottles or jars. Boiled beets with a little pot eat and enjoy the natural taste. Enthusiasts even more sophisticated taste sensations enrich recommend rum syrup (per 5 liters of syrup, half a liter of rum).

Christmas Eve borsch - beetroot soup will do very good with roasted beets. 3-4 Grind beets on a grater, pour boiling water, add a clove of garlic, beaten with salt, a little citric acid, sugar, tablespoon of oil and there is already a great soup.

Christmas carp - Carp panierując roast in oil in the flour and egg for a few hours before dinner and serve after heating. The body tolerates the best fish that managed to cool down and concentrate.

Christmas Kuti - He makes it to the hulled wheat obtłuczonej to be soaked, then quite a long time to cook over low heat. Idly, without salt and sugar. When it starts to swell add a little fresh butter, not to burst. In parallel, prepare poppy, previously well wymoczony. Passing it twice through a meat grinder, and yet well in makutrze Grind. Add honey to it and lightly blanched raisins. In wheat form a grandmother, we can arrange on top of the rosette of shelled walnut and almond, and lining the sides of poppy seeds. This dish takes a large spoon, a little bit of everything.

Water in silica - Who wants to have a good home water silica, which invigorate at any time of year, let him do so: half a kilo of dried horsetail crushed, add the enameled pot, pour filtered water, let set overnight. Morning boil 20 minutes, set aside. When ustoi is not very dense strain through a sieve, pour into a stone pot wyziębionego. Casserole evaporates and will not allow the water to warm up and thereby obtain silica - an excellent, hard water directly for drinking tea, washing your teeth, cooking soups.

Frozen water - tap water potable pour into the pan (depending on your needs) and to hold face all night, flew to chlorine. Then simmer for 10 minutes, and pour studzimy into plastic bottles of mineral water. Put them in the freezer for several hours. Take out when the part will turn to ice. After przemrożeniu, water takes on the taste and character of the original water, the faster quenches thirst, does not work przeziębiająco, even if the ice is still in the bottle. During the process, as nearly przemrożenia subject to a purifying distillation and is ideal for immediate consumption.

Potatoes in Hebrew - Potatoes (bought, brought from the cellar) must be properly brush under running water and only the pure should be very thinly peel. It turns out that just under the skin of potatoes are whole layers of magnesium, cobalt, iron, the heaviest elements, which we still lack. Peel the potatoes and toss gently rinsed into a clean pot (preferably intended only for cooking potatoes, it can not be aluminum pot!). In a large pot of potatoes may be only half its height. How many people in the house, so many heads chopped onions in quarters put on top, add a pinch of cumin, a large spoonful of butter and two cups of milk. Do not add salt.Only it all pour boiling water to half the pot, leaving the other half of the pair. Cover the lid and cook over a "good fire." When we find that they are already soft, add salt to taste. Boil for a while and leave. Drain off into another clean pot. Potatoes crashing on a platter, sprinkle with green onion, and we can eat without meat.

Cold feet - legs cook pork with vegetables, pepper, juniper berries. Separate meat from bones, put them in cups, pour the filters in a brew, to which we added earlier clove of raw crushed garlic (it gives a better taste and clarity.) The fat that is collected after cooling, we reject.

Soup "against old age" - chopping onions, three heads of the ankle, wear the shredded carrots and a half three sizeable celery, cut into small cubes and three three potatoes parsley.Put into a saucepan with two cups of water flooding. Use as a seasoning pinch of cumin and salt. Boil until tender, zaprawiając at the end of whole milk. Soup should be thick consistency.

Fathers Grande Recipes

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