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Private views of Father Grande

Wife - Home Minister of Health and Social Care
So to have only women today if they wanted to go up to them. Toto smart, arrogant, in addition, malicious ... Well, let those of our baby, each one, took it to heart that mean for his family as much as the minister of health, and their kitchens are medical and pharmaceutical establishments, which is preparing the life-giving food. Production in our Polish kitchens must be life-giving. Dishes - served on nice plates - to be simple and so chosen to provide the household of 68 essential nutrients. Why 68? Because so much is more or less specialized groups are divided gospodarujących blood cells in the human body and responsible for the functioning of its components.

Wisely kept the kitchen is a blessing for the house, I just need it powyrzucać Western dare, excess chemicals and food processing.Polish women, at least those who do not want to utterly zdurnieć, may consider, particularly when the packaging is extremely beautiful and loud advertising on television. University home starts in the kitchen. Let this mother does not allow daughter to uwaliła teenager in his chair watching TV, while she did not know at first hand in the insert. All the women in the family, ranging from seven-, eight-year girls, should have the habit of shooting off after cooking. When the mother cut the bread is already standing by her daughter - substitutes the plate, wash the eggs under running water, so it was not salmonella ... Let these girls are watching the action in the kitchen his mother, not a foreign lady who grows on television, "Cooking on the screen", with no idea about what he does, without explaining the viewers why it is chosen such, rather than other components and what is their nutritional value.

From the top of protest against that classification. Alcoholism is not a disease but a mental debauchery, just like any other addiction.Speaking about the disease to justify ordinary moral criminals. First of all, a person must know the importance of the time, who lives and not wasting it on excessive entertainment. You have to be always something busy. So, no excuse for it to be very drunks. He also claims that the drunkard in the home kitchen is a product of carelessness of his wife. Women themselves "produce" the drunkards, using inappropriate, "modern" diet and ill-treating her husband. After several, several years of marriage, a woman completely redirect their attention to children, and then to their families. The husband is noticed only when they bring money, and sometimes it has been angry at him for the same thing that exists. It is not surprising that seeks understanding among similar to it, a little sponiewieranymi not domytymi buddies. After a glass of beer, the world seems to them better. And so it goes: from the cup of beer into a glass of methylated spirits. The idea is that the woman realized that she has for her husband's duty to care. Darujmy been right - at a certain stage - the approximation of sex, but keep in mind that the man is a lifelong big kid, a little awkward and safandułowatym who needs care, needs time sensitivity ... I am surprised that the medical world says about the "disease" - as if it was not a matter of free will, mere caprice, and voluntary choice made by the 'patient' ...

I believe that this is quackery, and scooping up the people. In the offices of the Wroclaw there are 40 different kinds of charlatans, and in Poland there will be legion. I am a realist and practitioner of life, and I do not recognize any of bioenergy. Each of us has in himself his own power, bio-signals, it is necessary to life resources of energy and optimism. If your body is healthy, well digested, is in contact with nature and the sun, not bombarding him with excess stress - is the energy and joy of life, without help, directly from it radiate.

The invention of the devil. The noise and flashing lights make great havoc in the body of young people. Children 12-13 years old should not chadzać the whole night dancing. Top to the north. A wise parent before the child lets go to the disco should give him a three-to-swallow vitamin B complex and the same after returning.

Diet, diet, vegetarianism
Father John does not approve of starve diet. It believes that all such practices lead to nowomodne nasty consequences. He treated more than one victim-miracle diets, people who have fallen from a serious mental illness - anorexia, so-called anorexia. Not to mention a strange fashion to Hinduism. It is, as not everyone knows Hinduism "sectarian", first transplanted to the American, with little in common with the true teachings of the East, leading to mental astray. and of our youth, searching for what you do not know, delighted with this bizarre form of asceticism, including food. Please know that our society as well as other peoples of central Europe, are somehow stored in the genes most appropriate diet. Centuries of confirms it in no way should set itself to the eastern asceticism diets or radical vegetarianism. For example, if we wanted a piece of meat replaced with another type of protein, it would have to eat a 4-liter pot of cooked beans, and yet it would be enough. All vegetarian diets are diets false, causing pathological changes due to ulcerative colitis, loss of immunity, depletion of the body.

The proposal is one: do not experiment with your nutrition for ourselves. You're the only copy in the event of failure you can not use the backup copy. Stop believing in the miraculous health diet and fasting. Eat in order to live, not live there to eat. Authors 'miracle' prescriptions are not experimenting on myself. They are the fools of this great army of believers in their wonderful recipes. Consider, and if you want to lose weight quickly, then buy it for two hundred and fifty sell.
Private views of Father Grande

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