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Father Grande vision of man

There are no healthy people - they just are not evaluated, says the old maxim of medical records. Until a person is young does not wonder too much about what they like to dress in general is the belief that it is immortal. Processor type Mózgotell "responsible for health, it turns on only in the case of the first heavier disease confined to bed where he finally has time to reflect on the fragility of what we call health. Then the rapidly growing demand for knowledge in the field of medicine, not just scientific. We already have such literature and has been growing at us like mushrooms after rain. But remember that there are poisonous mushrooms, we do not lack AIU cwaniaczków who send the poor penny you from the face of the Supreme. Father Grande is one of the few who prefers the treatment of food and is a specialist in traditional Polish cuisine.

Father Grande vision of man

Father John Grande is one of the fathers of the Order of Merciful Brothers. He was born in 1934 in the vicinity of Grodno. Like the vast majority of Poles living there suffered "benefits" of Bolshevism.Exiled with his family, survived the war in Siberia on the border of Kyrgyzstan Mongolian steppes. It is there, as he says, received his first science and nutrition. The herbal medicine has come across Siberia, then in Tibet, Kiev and St. Petersburg. He studied the old school east of unconventional medicine. After returning to Polish graduated felczerską and for many years worked in the health sector. In 44 years of age entered the convent. Warsaw, Lodz and Wroclaw, finally, where he lives and heals today. It is one of the busiest men and women without a break fix what broke today's civilization.

God created us with calcium and silicon. Over millions of years man so chose food that was in him all that is required for growth of the organism and its renewal. We selected these ingredients in food, of which we are built. Is also confirmed by modern science. Let us, therefore, that the original budulcom. Our Creator, the Eternal, stood before him was no small task: How and what formed and become a man, what is to be the symbolic clay, in what and how it fitted together. On reflection, he took calcium domieszał to him a little: silicon, iron, cobalt, magnesium, zinc, built a kind of scaffolding on a cruciform plan. On the top of the settled what might today be called a tin can on the brain - a computer.

Then lit two lamps. Quite a shaky structure poobklejał muscles poprzetykał veins, oplótł 180-kilometer network of nerves. Was placed between all 9 factories metabolism and huge pharmaceutical companies. The final master stroke was covering all the delicate, velvety, highly innervated skin and the last "touch of" giving a mysterious light "bulbs." He breathed his energy, moved up a step and stared, not knowing what will happen next. Finally he said: Go, collect, search, when choosing that which you're all alone built. The author justifies the lecture that tells so vividly that we all understand that if our bodies will break something, it means that the primary balance has been upset his constituents.
Father Grande vision of man

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