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Wife - Home Minister of Health and Social Care
So to have only women today if they wanted to go up to them. Toto smart, arrogant, in addition, malicious ... Well, let those of our baby, each one, took it to heart that mean for his family as much as the minister of health, and their kitchens are medical and pharmaceutical establishments, which is preparing the life-giving food. Production in our Polish kitchens must be life-giving. Dishes - served on nice plates - to be simple and so chosen to provide the household of 68 essential nutrients. Why 68? Because so much is more or less specialized groups are divided gospodarujących blood cells in the human body and responsible for the functioning of its components.

Fathers Grande Recipes


Everything should be cooked, covered, uncovered nothing.Therefore, we should have a large ceramic pots, used only for fishing. You can never cook in a small saucepan.Escaping Vitamin B1, which we all have a continuous shortage because of the vitamin, like vitamin C, the organism does not accumulate ... Therefore, all pots must be covered with a lid and cook should be so that no one escaped: half a pot volume and half the pot to steam. And one more thing. You have to remove any aluminum in the kitchen - horribly destroys bone and mucosa.


Father's Grande warnings and advice


Lemon - is a blessing, but not for teeth, because the rozlezą so that the flaps even on an ordinary bun. You can never allow this to someone biting a lemon. Horror. Juice, yes, we can add to everything, but it must not affect the tooth enamel, because it dissolves quickly. Do not dispose of lemon tea. Flakes have tea in its composition a microscopic amount of alumina (aluminum), which in itself is not harmful, while under the influence of citric acid, chemizuje and carried in the bloodstream settles in the brain, creating a favorable backdrop for Alzheimer's disease.


Father Grande vision of man

There are no healthy people - they just are not evaluated, says the old maxim of medical records. Until a person is young does not wonder too much about what they like to dress in general is the belief that it is immortal. Processor type Mózgotell "responsible for health, it turns on only in the case of the first heavier disease confined to bed where he finally has time to reflect on the fragility of what we call health. Then the rapidly growing demand for knowledge in the field of medicine, not just scientific. We already have such literature and has been growing at us like mushrooms after rain. But remember that there are poisonous mushrooms, we do not lack AIU cwaniaczków who send the poor penny you from the face of the Supreme. Father Grande is one of the few who prefers the treatment of food and is a specialist in traditional Polish cuisine.


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