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Methods of self-medication or a pharmacy in each of us

Nature in all of us put a wonderful, outstanding individual, "pharmacy", which includes all drugs for all our diseases. " There remains only one task - to learn how to use these drugs. Self-healing process consists of two stages. In the first step should be to learn to relax the muscles throughout the body. The second phase is an introduction to our "computer" - the subconscious, healing the appropriate program, aimed at starting the processes of self-regulation. The method of self-medication is effective because in a natural way an individual uses the body's ability to defend, without any side effects.

Phase I - relaxation
Lie back on a soft striped blanket on the floor. Hands at side, palms facing outwards, fingers slightly bent, feet pointing outward, head tilted to one side, mouth repealed przyciąnięty tongue to the upper row of teeth, eyes closed. Why do I need first to adopt such a position? Therefore, the bent fingers allow you to quickly relax the muscles of hands, feet pointing outward leg muscles relax. Head returned to the side relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulders, slightly parted lips and tongue arrangement described form a "mask of relaxation." Closed eyes allow you to concentrate. Taking the correct position to be easing to calm down, try not to think about anything, and most importantly - to achieve an even, calm breathing.To loosen it usually take 2-5 minutes.

Phase II - self-medication
Cells of each organism in our body has the capacity of primitive thinking (which resemble a small child, immature thinking.) It should always be taken into account when we turn to the patient's body. Man should imagine diseased organ, to focus their attention on the transfer of mentally ill command authority, to try him "connect."Requests to the patient's body should be strongly and clearly expressed in the form of speaking to a wayward but beloved child who does not fulfill its obligations. Each organ in our body has its own "character". Stomach and liver, is a stubborn bodies, and "very wise" and so you should pay them a sharp tone, commanding. The heart is wiser authority in orders is a delicate, affectionate form.
Example Following a first stage of relaxation is to begin the second.Try it in your mind to look into your heart and see in it a tiny color flame - a source of love and saving energy. Observe how the flame is increased, fills the whole heart, and then embraces the whole body from head to fingertips and toes. Please try to feel how light purifies the body from diseases, removes inflammation, and back health and vigor. One can safely say - "With every breath I'm getting closer to a full cleaning. The light in my body is healing energy." If you know a specific place, where the tumor, inflammation, etc. should be put there right hand and imagine that the healing light, centered in the middle hand is hot and its radius is dissolved the tumor as the sun melts the snow or ice nuggets.

This is just a sample image. I think everyone of you have enough imagination to create your own images. The main thing is to relax the muscles and "save" therapeutic program in the subconscious.Screenings can be performed at any time, preferably in solitude. If helps you calm, relaxing music, please use it. Quiet, popular melody enhances the relaxing effect.

I appeal to the sick, as well as to those who care for them. You understand that the decisive role in the victory over cancer, the patient is optimism, a desire to live and faith in recovery. In most cases, ill with cancer is becoming an observer who understands nothing, who prays for help to doctors and expects them to wonder.Can be hundreds of times to convince the patient that recovers, encourage, would not succumb, to convince the possibilities of modern science, however, so long will he lie, do not worry and try to work on themselves, so long the result of such a "psychotherapy" will be zero.

Treatment by removing the tumor, I mean its surgical removal, which is rapidly breaking up into complex structures of the body, in many cases, like the repair of electronic equipment with the help of a hammer and a crowbar. Judge for yourself - where all the existing impacts on the tumor will be exhausted (rozkrojono man, stated that nothing could be done, sewn and sent home, there to await death, the closest has been said quietly that a loved one will not live), then begins to "show", all the participants which, in addition sentenced to death, they know the end. And it might be better to stop regretting the patient, tell him the truth, give the possibility to use the last chance? I am writing these words for those people who "play" role play "buried alive". [...] With his disease, you are alone. It is possible that what you are reading now, you will be cruel, but it's true, and truth can not be cruel. Truth does not kill, but it heals. Heals, if one finds the strength and courage to understand it.

People ignored the order of moderation in eating, ceased to move, poisoned their lungs and blood of cigarette smoke, excessive consumption of coffee and sweets. Sami bring your body to this that he must constantly defend themselves. Sometimes he gives warning, asking for help, but man do not listen. Suppresses different pain pills. Now is the moment when everything depends on us. If you hurry with the aid of weary struggle for the life of her body, then you have a chance to live. I want to with what I wrote for myself to draw any conclusion:

Regardless of how difficult health situation that we did not find, I always have to stick to three principles:


1 believe that is enough for us strength to fight the disease.

2 To have a hope for full recovery.

3 Love your body and soul.

Everyone should understand that cancer is the last, the final link in the chain of our diseases. Cancer is not a disease specific body, but the condition of all systems in the body, from which a faster "could not stand." Cancer is primarily the result of incorrect, fatal lifestyle umiejętnościradzenia absence of stress, ignorance in the field of physiology of the organism and the failure of laws of nature.

Therefore, the struggle with the "specific" tumor has little chance of success, as exemplified by cases of death may be known politicians, movie stars and entertainment (they certainly could afford expensive treatment.) With this mode of life which we, cancer is simply inevitable, there is in all of us from birth (located in the genetic memory of the newborn), and only with time makes itself felt.Many people, fortunately, did not live to cancer, because before he dies prior to the disease. Diagnosis is popular in rich, economically developed countries. However, even early detection of cancer does not guarantee the recovery, if not taken substantial steps and lifestyle change. Statistical data on the most developed countries, where the precision of surgeons, excellent levels of pharmaceuticals and medical devices do not give hope - every fourth inhabitant of America dies of cancer. And the inhabitants of less developed countries simply do not survive to cancer - died on the preceding disease - heart attacks, strokes, etc.
Methods of self-medication or a pharmacy in each of us

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