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Cancer - this is not sentence

Michal Tombak in his book "How to Cure incurable" writes: Not once I had the opportunity to witness a situation in which even the strong spirit of men grew pale when he heard a terrible diagnosis - cancer. Each received this message as a death sentence, not subject to appeal. Seriously ill persons fully understand that their disease is incurable, but until the last moment trying to grasp life.This is a man - appreciate health until after his loss. Today's medicine can not give answers to the question, what are the causes of cancer. What force makes the cells of our body to transform itself, multiplying with great speed, later to grow into a deadly healthy tissue, causing pain and suffering? Doctors and scientists have created many theories explaining the mechanism of cancer, revealed the mass of carcinogens, stimulating the growth of cancer cells. But the real cause could not be found. And you did it, I think, for the following reasons:

1 Because the treatment of cancer are not considered a biological organism as a system, and as a collection of individual organs.Fighting usually is directed at diseased organ in which tumor was detected. Commonly used treatments - X-ray and chemotherapy, irradiation isotopic theory are aimed at mobilizing the body's defense forces. Unfortunately, the body weakened by disease, has no internal reserves to defend itself - is poisoned from within. In addition, these treatments adversely alter the fluid environment in the body, making them more alkaline. This promotes increased growth of pathogenic bacteria, which further weakens the body.

2 Medicine is always looking for a universal drug or combination of drugs that could effectively eliminate tumors (again a result, not the cause of the disease). Not the way to go. Cancer is a paralysis of the whole body, starting from the brain, and ending with the large intestine. "Grains" of the disease are rooted in man from childhood, and in the course of their lives begin to "sprout" legs gradually giving in the form of the transitional phases of the fundamental disease (ie cancer). Catarrh, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, eye diseases, ear, throat, kidney, liver, heart, skeletal and nervous systems - are all links of one chain of cancer. And as long as the "owner" will not allow your body to take advantage of it, by the nature of the defense forces, mobilizing strength, self-regulation and self-regeneration, in so far thousands of units of research, millions of doctors will not be able to create drugs or methods which could eventually heal people.As of today, even those that pass surgery, and live, subconsciously are under constant pressure to relapse.

For many years I have had contact with patients with cancer.Certainly their numbers can not be compared with the thousands of patients in various hospitals around the world. They live for today, although the effect on them in most cases, there was one - death.

Prof. Tombak writes:

Once he's Health Center in Moscow, where I worked, came 39-year-old woman. Doctors found cancer in her pancreas. Within 6 months underwent two operations. She was very weak. Doctors gave her 2-3 months to live. Tormented her constant fever from 1938 to 1939 ° C. In a word - this woman, "burn up" in the eyes. At a meeting with her I said - "It's three of us: you, me and your illness. Who do you want to be?" Two defeats is always one. " Were never answered, but after word of her eyes, I realized that she wants to live and will fight to the end.

Therapy, we started to cleanse the colon with enemas. This method proposed in 1946 an American physician Gerson. For a long time it was used in the hospital for cancer patients, led by the daughter of a doctor, but must add that, with good results. With time, however, forgotten about it, because doctors believe many of today's enema for survival.

The essence of the method consists of taking a large number of sick enema: 6-8 daily. To douche poured 1.5 liters of boiled water at 38 ° C, 3-4 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 cup of juice from sugar beets. Number of enemas depends on the condition of the patient - they are heavier, the more it is recommended enemas. Later enema should be done every day or every other day until the patient appears on its own stools. Gerson method performance can be explained by the fact that colon cleansing helps to remove toxins from the body, which arise as a result of the vital functions of cancer cells. If you do not remove these toxins, together with the blood enters the brain and they completely block the self-regulation of life processes, leading to death. Back in the 50s Gerson pointed out the close relationship functioning colon with the work of the brain and central nervous system. He was always saying to his disciples - "Cancer is a revenge of nature for meals eaten properly. The 99% is poisoning its own toxins, and only 1% are irreversible changes that occur in the body."

If the cancer invaded the digestive system, a problem arises, what to eat? Meat, fish, dairy products, various soups, broths are not recommended. Remain cereal, fruit and vegetables. Combine vegetables, either raw or cooked fruit is impossible, because they are digested at different times - 4 hours vegetables and fruits 2 hours. However, you can freely combine them freshly prepared juices. Absorbed, they are virtually the same time, the body does not lose energy on digestion, while receiving strong dose of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. My patient after lewatywach could consume only rice, buckwheat groats, baked potatoes and 2 liters of juice per day. A special role in the treatment of cancer plays a juice of beet and carrot. Many years of research have shown that the juice of beet and carrot stops tumor growth, flushes out the old, diseased cells nowowtworowe and increases the effectiveness of oxidative enzymes, and the beet juice can increase the oxidative capacity of 400-1000%. By the end has not yet examined the role of the dyes included in the carrots and beets, but that inhibit the growth of cancer cells has been scientifically proven.

The best combination for people with cancer is a carrot juice and sugar in a ratio of 4:1. Should drink 1-2 liters of juice per day in equal portions every 4 hours during the day and once at 1:00 in the morning. Some people can not tolerate the juice of beet, which manifests itself in nausea, weakness, slow heart rate, lowering the pressure. In the event of a similar response should limit your intake of sugar beet juice to 2 tablespoons a day of table and every day to increase this amount. Instead of beetroot juice can be added to carrot juice and apple juice 2 tablespoons red wine for every liter of juice.

They are divided opinions of specialists, or beet juice should be taken immediately after preparation, and let stand for 1 to 1.5 hours.The fresh juice is not pressed 2.5 times more active oxygen and hemoglobin necessary for the active iron. And that's why people suffering from cancer, I propose to drink the juice from sugar immediately after preparation. By the way pay attention to the fact that for people with anemia or elderly people who are disturbed by the process of cellular respiration, the consumption of beetroot juice is simply a necessity. Regular consumption of guarantees to each of its rejuvenating the body, white and healthy teeth and 80% protection against cancer.

Cancer affects not only the body but the soul. Therefore, my patient a lot of time devoted to exercise a stabilizing mental health condition. Because it was able to strong nervous tension and was not able to relax (which is a disadvantage of many people), I learned to use it samohipnozę. In addition to this I had with her 10 sessions of hypnotic (hypnotic regression), in which I bowed to return to childhood (one of the causes of cancer, many patients are strong stress experienced in early childhood). So, step by step likwidowaliśmy mental roots, which "nourish" her disease. During the sessions I tried to convince her that long remembered for ever suffered harm, "eats" the body and eventually leads to cancer. If a man is dominated by anger and hatred, his body burned as if from the inside. I wanted to get my patient, that anger and hatred are bad allies health.

[...] The patient recovered before she had to work on themselves. In addition to these methods, four cleared the liver, and has taken various herbal baths, a lot has moved, has carried out water-air operations, comply with a specific diet, drank tea from the leaves of raspberry, black currant, nettle, has made a special anti-exercise.When, after six months of hard work over the recovery of lost health, asked the doctor who wrote it has heard only at a loss - "But you live! And I thought ..."
Cancer - this is not sentence

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