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Cancer - Information for thought

The problem with cancer deal with scientists around the world, but does not change the fact that cancer is the leading cause of death is every third person in the world. The first mention of cancer date back to the twelfth century BC. Serious scholars began to investigate the disease in the nineteenth century. According to today's classification, there are over 150 types of cancer. A number of methods to combat cancer. Unfortunately, oncologists armed with all the achievements of modern technology, they are helpless.

In the old Tibetan treatise on the treatment of diseases, "Hud-shi," the ancient doctors suggest that cancer is a specific type of microorganisms that are parasitic in the body of a man poisoned him with his secretions - toxins. At the beginning is struck bloodstream and bone, accompanied by pain in the joints, spine and heart. These parasites have been called "white death." Over time these parasites, they grow up and grow into other parts of the body, creating tumors - they were called "Black Death" - cancer.Taking as a basis for establishment of the ancient theory, biochemists, scientists from St. Petersburg to try to find the parasite. In the course of the research demonstrated that cancer cells do not degenerate human cells, as previously thought, but living in all of us Trichomonas (Trichomonas) - single-celled organisms, some of the oldest on the planet.

As research has shown an amazing ability of Trichomonas to transform itself and adapt to changing conditions in the body (which is why it is so difficult to recognize them.) For example - high doses of radiation lethal to humans, the Trichomonas act as a pacemaker, leading to even faster development. Therefore, as a result of Trichomonas radiation begins to be "aggressive." Trying to save, is excreted from the tissues into the blood and lymph. In this way, spread throughout the body. In those places where it begins to grow, form a metastasis. Perhaps because, as scientists believe, generally accepted methods of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation, temporarily weaken symptoms (causing a temporary improvement in mood), compounded by illness.Analysing the history of the disease to humans, who underwent surgery aforementioned scholars have found that most of these people died after 3-10 years. On the way scholars experience proved that if Trichomonas develops in the tissue, it creates tumors, if the aforementioned blood vessels - it clots.

Hypothesized that it is precisely in this pierwotniaku AIDS are viruses (and not, as has come to believe in T-cells). Proof of the correctness of this hypothesis is the fact that the preparations are completely niesktuteczne antiviral for the treatment of AIDS. This means that as long as we do not solve the problem of cancer treatment also can not help himself with AIDS.

How Trichomonas enters the body? Experiments conducted on animals and human embryos revealed the presence of the two-week rzęsistka in the heart, brain, lung, liver, kidneys, large intestine. Trichomonas Cystopodobne found on the gums of patients dental clinics. Rzęsistka vaginal carriers were studied from 1916 to 1958 women of childbearing years. Blood tests of a large group of people engaged in various professions, living in different areas has shown that we all are carriers rzęsistka. Protozoan that lives in the mouth, in the stomach, the urogenital area. What is the mechanism of action rzęsistka? Along with the blood and lymph can travel to all organs. Products of its physiological activity poison the body, "host", overwhelming the nervous system, joints, liver. This weakens the immune system, causes a disruption of metabolism and leads to the development of a myriad of diseases.

Today's medicine does not recognize this theory, although the scientific substantiation of the results is not in doubt. Three of the largest research institutes in Russia (Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Institute of Radiological and Rentgenologiczno-Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology) for 5 years, carry out surveys, which confirm these facts. Recognition of this theory would mean the overthrow of the generally accepted concept in the world of cancer, and this takes time, strength and resources (and especially the removal of successful medical matołów and eliminate the pharmaceutical lobby, note. Mine).

After reading these words, the reader can fall into a panic. Are we carry the cancer cells? Theoretically yes, but in everyday life, everything depends on us, and more from our immune system. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Dr. Passet demonstrated that brain cells alone there are 23 kinds of bacteria, including staph, bacteria Frenkel, tuberculosis bacteria, but this does not mean that a person has become ill from diseases caused by these bacteria. In the healthy human body are the defenses that protect us against a thousand diseases. I stress, however - only a healthy man, and health depends on many factors - health, culture, food, thinking and conduct, and even from the usual personal hygiene. As long as scientists and doctors do not get to the truth, it is proposed to the sick, to even the minimum chance of survival, to help themselves.

When you analyze the cases cure the sick, which I was lucky enough to help or cure when I read about other people with cancer, I notice specified regularity. At a time when a man standing in the face of mortal danger it creates for your body raw, sometimes extreme conditions in order to cleanse the body (changing eating habits, fasting, hardening, a change in mindsets, behaviors, approach to life's problems, etc.) many argue that the efficiency of the immune system - the disease persists. So do not waste time! We must act!Everything depends on us. All of the above ways and methods apply to people who suffered cancer. When one of the radio I was asked to provide ways ustrzeżenia against cancer, I replied as follows:

You should eat fruits and vegetables from the area of your home and drink fresh juices prepared from them. Every day in the diet should be found, although an apple, and raw and cooked vegetables. The most valuable fruits and vegetables being intensely colored green, orange and red (spinach, lettuce, cucumber, beans, peas, tomatoes, beets, carrots, pumpkin, apples, pears, etc.). Thanks to the body's cells receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber and oxygen.

Should be able to distinguish fat from ... Fat Fats are necessary for the body, we especially need people in older age. Question - what fats? In vegetable oils, especially cold-pressed, are acids and vitamins to prolong our lives. Every morning and evening, you should drink 1 teaspoon of oil and add 1 tablespoon of the salad. However, consumption of meat, milk and margarine shall be reduced. Fats found in these products do not give nothing but disease, and only block the effects of "good" fats.

You must learn to breathe air traffic and, more specifically located in the oxygen is necessary for each of the billions of cells in our body, causes them to regenerate, ie, stopping the aging process.Movement helps get oxygen to every cell, so spend as much time in traffic in the fresh air.

Be joyful always lived by us all the emotions are not only "head" - they direct the majority of our body's physiological response. If something we worried or nervous, the immune system (body's natural defenses) stops producing hormones T and B, which, inter alia, protect us against all infections and cancer. When we are happy and cheerful, happy life, strengthen your immune system and health.

You need to relax today's life is a series of trouble and stress.Avoiding them is impossible, but they can not accumulate. You have to find time to relax, then do what you like - shut up in a room and listen myzyki, meditate, walk in the woods. Women may love men, women and men. But we need to stay a little bit every day in solitude (3-5 minutes), to relax and not think about nieprzyjemnościach.

You have to force the brain to work more brain works, the more durable. At any age, but especially in old age, you must "wake up" areas of the brain responsible for memory. It should be reading books and going to the museum, listen to lectures, playing chess - saying less - head to work.

Longer sleep Good sleep not only lightens the mind, but also gives your muscles relax, lowers blood pressure, hormone secretion regenerating system, increases resistance. Even wounds heal faster during sleep. The man who for days has been allowed to fall asleep just going crazy. Therefore, you need to sleep 6-8 hours and not a bit less.

Fond of the cold body's immune system is constantly train. In particular, he likes to chill. Protect your body from overheating, dress up a little. The air temperature in the room where we sleep should be 16-17 ° C. Alternate Shower (5-10 minutes) in the morning and evening - to guarantee reliable operation of the immune system.

You should eat less work out a principle of "Eat to live, not live to eat." For this purpose, learn to eat slowly, and always get up from the table with a feeling of hunger.

You have to laugh when laughter more works far more muscle than we can imagine. Laughter is a form of massage our internal organs as well as an incentive to stimulate the digestive organs. Laughter works against pain and inflammation. Laughing, especially breathe deeply and thus renew supplies of oxygen in the lungs. The brain produces serotonin in the laughter - "hormone of happiness." In addition, laughter is a great way of contact.

Love and ancient medicine saw a way to achieve immortality in having discarded two elements - masculine and feminine. Sexual act rebuilds the best harmony of the body.

Remember, clean body, that what is inside us, and out.

You have to listen to your body Our body responds to the concern that it turns out. Let's start with take care of yourself before you got sick, and then we will always be healthy.
Cancer - Information for thought

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