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Cancer is not cited

Methods of self-medication or a pharmacy in each of us

Nature in all of us put a wonderful, outstanding individual, "pharmacy", which includes all drugs for all our diseases. " There remains only one task - to learn how to use these drugs. Self-healing process consists of two stages. In the first step should be to learn to relax the muscles throughout the body. The second phase is an introduction to our "computer" - the subconscious, healing the appropriate program, aimed at starting the processes of self-regulation. The method of self-medication is effective because in a natural way an individual uses the body's ability to defend, without any side effects.

Cancer - this is not sentence

Michal Tombak in his book "How to Cure incurable" writes: Not once I had the opportunity to witness a situation in which even the strong spirit of men grew pale when he heard a terrible diagnosis - cancer. Each received this message as a death sentence, not subject to appeal. Seriously ill persons fully understand that their disease is incurable, but until the last moment trying to grasp life.This is a man - appreciate health until after his loss. Today's medicine can not give answers to the question, what are the causes of cancer. What force makes the cells of our body to transform itself, multiplying with great speed, later to grow into a deadly healthy tissue, causing pain and suffering? Doctors and scientists have created many theories explaining the mechanism of cancer, revealed the mass of carcinogens, stimulating the growth of cancer cells. But the real cause could not be found. And you did it, I think, for the following reasons:

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