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Restoration of the normal bacterial flora

Bowel cleansing treatment and restore the normal bacterial flora runfor 2 weeks.

Every evening two hours after dinner, eat a clove of garlic. Garlicshould be eaten without bread, and chew well.

During the consumption of garlic may intensify the heartbeat in people with impaired blood circulation and it is natural. Strongabsorption causes a burning sensation of juice in the existingwounds, where the nest parasites. After eating garlic, you can rinseyour mouth, brush your teeth, and eat an apple before going to sleep, or drink tea with lemon or honey. The smell of garlic can removechewing lemon or orange zest or finely chopped parsley. If someoneis not able to eat garlic, it is recommended to slice a garlic clove in half, each half "wrapped" in a bit of bread and swallow like a pill.
Restoration of the normal bacterial flora

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