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Purification of lymph and blood

This treatment should be carried out during the period when theepidemic begins with flu or other bacterial disease (early spring andlate autumn). We do it for 3 days and by this time you should not eatanything but orange or grapeifrutów. During the day you should drink2 liters of juice blends and make every day a new one.

Composition of the mixture for 1 day:
The juice of 900 g grapeifrutów juice, 900 g orange juice, lemon 200g, 200 g of distilled water.
Carrying out treatment (each day):

Rrano on an empty stomach to drink a table spoon of Epsom saltdissolved in a glass of warm water. Ppo drinking salt solution shoulddress warmly and every 30 minutes to drink a mixture of fruit juices in an amount of 100 g until it ends (during the day drink a mixture of 2 liters of juice.)

So proceed for 3 days in a row. When you are feeling hungry eatoranges or grapefruit, but nothing more. During the treatment weperspire heavily, but this is normal.
Purification of lymph and blood

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