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Colon cleansing

The large intestine is called the "fuse health." The notion that only "sewage pipe" is a mistake. The large intestine meets one of the najważmiejszych roles in our body. It is absorbed in the water, vitamins, micro and macro, have not been absorbed in the small intestine and valuable to the body's digestive juices. The debris from which the body's no longer "pull" can not, fecal masses are formed.
It is also responsible for the quality of our defense system. The large intestine, whose walls are covered with debris niestrawionego rotten food, mucus and faecal stones did not fulfill its role, on the contrary - only poisons the body by toxins produced by bacterial putrefaction. In this case we suffer from diseases whose origin is difficult to guess. There is also no question of completely curing the disease, because therapeutic substances are not absorbed.Without purification, at the very beginning, colon cleansing other organs does not make sense.

Some symptoms of bowel contamination
Constipation, flatulence, skin eczema, blackheads, allergies, black deposits on the teeth, gray coated tongue, unpleasant smell of sweat and leather.

Reduce consumption of products: meat, chocolate, sweets, sugar, cow's milk, eggs, white bread.
Drink in the morning and evening after a glass of kefir.
Thoroughly chewed food (each piece by 1935-1950 times).
Do not drink while eating.
Reduce intake of coffee and tea.

Test to verify the correct operation of colorectal cancer
Drink 2 tablespoons fresh beetroot juice. If, after 4 hours of urine (and feces) stain, it means that the bowel does not fulfill its function.
Cleansing enemas (Walker method)

Walker, an American physician, once said - "There is no simpler and more efficient means of purifying the human from the inside" dirt "than an enema. A person who is opposed to it, I just need enemas the most."

Cleansing enema is the most effective method, but the most impressive psychological resistance generally, moral or normal "shyness." However, it is the least complex and absorbing the least cost. It is necessary to "break". To perform the surgery will be needed - douche, lemon or apple cider vinegar, teaspoon of vegetable oil and boiled water. But ... getting douche in the Republic is bordered on the miraculous. There are only pears and gruszeczki for children and irrigators 'witty'. There are irrigators manual "Braun" in the gold price about 320.00 (heated with other bajerami), but who buys a douche in the price of a good radio? Here, unfortunately, we have to cope alone.

For the first irrigation using 2 liters of boiled and body temperature with cold, acidified water 2 tablespoons lemon juice or cider vinegar. Douche hang above the end of the tube grease with vegetable oil (do not use petroleum jelly, cream or soap because it blocks pores) and the ... work. Accepted approach to the protracted cat (or tiger, if you will). Loosen the belly, breathe through your mouth and after about a minute is, after all. Now the water should be poured "shake". We can perform jumps, belly dance, or shake hands, belly down. After 2-10 minutes, feel the pressure, we take a book or favorite magazine and go on sedesik. Landing across the water from the intestine takes approximately 20 minutes and end the "operation" should be finished urinating (a signal that everything is gone).

First, we clean for a month (in the first week - every day, in the second week - every other day, in the third week - every two days, in the fourth week - every three days). To keep things enema should be performed once a week, but regularly been using the 1 liter of water. During the making of enemas is very beneficial to eat a lot of porridge. Buckwheat should be of the species otrębowych. Be sure to cook it on the water (not in any way to cook porridge with milk and no way to cook semolina). Homogeneous mass of both digested in the stomach takes the volume of cereal evenly colon, give it proper shape and force them to work.

Many patients desperately trying to escape from the necessity of enemas, are ready to take laxatives. Categorically advise against it.Laxatives cause dehydration, taking moisture from the gut. Muscles of the colon should work. Laxatives simply rinse "content" gut, not forcing the muscles to work, which leads to atrophy of the muscle tissue of the colon. In the end, it threatens to chronic constipation, the usual flush with douche restores and normalizes the work of the colon and the one who went through the phase flushing does not suffer from constipation.

For those for whom this method of colon cleansing is unacceptable suggested there are other ways of colon cleansing, indicating that they are not as effective as an enema.
Purification of kefir (used twice a month)

First day
Drink 2.5 liters of kefir in 6 doses with rusks with black bread (do not eat any meals).

Second day
Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of apple juice in 6 doses along with black bread rusks. The juice should be freshly prepared, should be sweet apples (do not eat any meals).

Third day
During the day, eating only salads with cooked vegetables (beets, carrots, potatoes, you can add pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, onion, vegetable oil with the brown bread rusks.
Purification of fruit (choose one way)

So I
Prunes 400 g, 200 g dates, apricots, 200 g, 200 g of figs - all this grind. To the resulting masses add up to 200 g of honey and mix everything together. Store in a glass container in the refrigerator.Consume at bedtime after a table spoon, until no end. Treatment should be applied once every 3 months.

Method II
Two orange peel for 1-2 mm, so that the fruits remained white flesh.Together with the white flesh to eat oranges at night two hours after the last meal. Use for 14 days.

Method III
Evening for a glass of sour milk to put 10 prunes, set aside for the night. Morning on an empty stomach to drink sour milk, eat a plum.Then again, pour over 10 dried plums sour milk. Set aside the evening. Bedtime drink curdled milk and eat a plum. Repeated treatment for 10 days. Use once every 3 months.
Purification of Vegetable

Drink after 1 / 2 cup juice from fermented cabbage three times a day. Use for 14 days.

All treatments should be wykonynać health in a particular order. The first step to health, it is the one with whom you are acquainted. If it will not do it any other way does not. Not only that - if it will give up and you take up immediately for the execution of successive treatments, did not achieve the expected results. The secret of health, the simultaneous observance of hygiene rules and intelligent internal nutrition. Then we are completely protected from any diseases. But the mere internal hygiene can not protect us from the massive loss of energy to digest food properly eaten, and the mere sensible diet will not prevent intrusion into the body, the blood cocktail of harmful substances. Selecting only the sound of food stimulates the absorption of harmful substances from niepłukanych intestines and bowel cleansing itself will cause a loss of energy to digest the wrong food. The output is a - you have to accept the whole complex of the proposed methods.

After a series of colon cleansing, learn how to properly combine foods and make sure to rebuild healthy intestinal flora of the colon.
Colon cleansing

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