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Ostatnie badania sondażowe w USA pokazuja, ze juz 19 % lekarzy w tym kraju nie uważa szczepien za bezpieczne, ani skuteczne. Szczególnie krytyczni wobec szczepien są młodsi lekarze, których dzieci nierzadko też zostały okaleczone szczepieniami , albo ktorzy widzieli w swej praktyce takie dzieci. W Polsce tez coraz wiecej pojawia sie takich mlodych lekarzy, którzy potrafia czerpac wiedze medyczna z niezaleznych źródeł, a nie tylko z reklam i propagandy karteli farmaceutycznych.
Niektórzy z nich odwaznie walczą z systemem szczepionkowego terroru w Polsce. Należą sie im wielkie podziękowania i brawa. Myslę, że powoli sytuacja poprawia sie takze w Polsce, ale na razie kazdy rodzic musi sam brac odpowiedzialnosc za zdrowie swego dziecka, co jest przeciez zgodne z naturą. Korporacyja medycyna absolutnie nie zasluguje na zaufanie, bo jej celem są tylko wielkie zyski.

Najwięcej nieszczepiących rodziców jest wśród osób najlepiej wykształconych. Ciekawe też, że bogaci i doskonale wyksztalceni
rodzice pracujący w Dolinie Krzemowej posyłają swoje dzieci do prywatnych szkół, w których nie ma komputerów, ani przymusu

Execs And Other Silicon Valley Bigwigs Send their Kids to a Waldorf
School - NY Times
Posted on October 23, 2011 by The Refusers
MB Comment: The NY Times managed to do a great article on Waldorf
schools, if only because tech titans send their kids there. My kids go
to a Waldorf School here in the Seattle area. Sebastian (age 10) is
the Refusers drummer, so if you like that reggae groove on Vaccination
Choice, funk groove on Crazy Cult or rocking in the pocket groove on
Mad Hatter Blues - you are listening to a Waldorf student.
Waldorf schools are an alternative if you can't stand what public
schools are doing to your children - including vaccinations. Waldorf
does not have any official position on vaccination, it's up to the
parents. Refusing vaccinations is acceptable.
For that reason, Waldorf Schools are demonized by the likes of Paul
Offit, Seth Mnookin and brain-dead local journalists looking for
scapegoats for vaccine failure and the occasional case of chickenpox.
The medical establishment despises Waldorf schools.
The NY Times story sidestepped that issue. But parents in favor of
vaccination choice might want to investigate Waldorf education. It's
not for everyone and it's not cheap, but it's great for our family.
Our local Waldorf School is run on a shoestring budget and most
families get tuition assistance, so it's not an exclusive academy
designed only for high-tech gazillionaires. Another local private
school caters to that Microsoft crowd.
A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Compute
NY Times October 23, 2011
The chief technology officer of eBay sends his children to a
nine-classroom school here. So do employees of Silicon Valley giants
like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard. But the school's chief
teaching tools are anything but high-tech: pens and paper, knitting
needles and, occasionally, mud. Not a computer to be found. No screens
at all. They are not allowed in the classroom, and the school even
frowns on their use at home ...
This is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, one of around 160 Waldorf
schools in the country that subscribe to a teaching philosophy focused
on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on tasks.
Those who endorse this approach say computers inhibit creative
thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans. The Waldorf
method is nearly a century old, but its foothold here among the
digerati puts into sharp relief an intensifying debate about the role
of computers in education.
"I fundamentally reject the notion you need technology aids in grammar
school," said Alan Eagle, 50, whose daughter, Andie, is one of the 196
children at the Waldorf elementary school ... Mr. Eagle knows a bit
about technology. He holds a computer science degree from Dartmouth
and works in executive communications at Google, where he has written
speeches for the chairman, Eric E. Schmidt ...
On a recent Tuesday, Andie Eagle and her fifth-grade classmates
refreshed their knitting skills, crisscrossing wooden needles around
balls of yarn, making fabric swatches. It's an activity the school
says helps develop problem-solving, patterning, math skills and
coordination ...
Down the hall, a teacher drilled third-graders on multiplication by
asking them to pretend to turn their bodies into lightning bolts. She
asked them a math problem -- four times five -- and, in unison, they
shouted "20" and zapped their fingers at the number on the blackboard
Andie's teacher, Cathy Waheed, who is a former computer engineer,
tries to make learning both irresistible and highly tactile. Last year
she taught fractions by having the children cut up food -- apples,
quesadillas, cake -- into quarters, halves and sixteenths.
"For three weeks, we ate our way through fractions," she said. "When I
made enough fractional pieces of cake to feed everyone, do you think I
had their attention?"
lekarze i szczepienia

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