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Wrinkles are an inevitable result of aging. When they are visible, not only spoil the appearance of the face, but also the mood. Is injection of botulinum help?

Young skin is based on long-wrinkle cream that arise under the influence of grimaces accompanying emotions - surprise, laughter, anger. While it is firm and springy, quickly returns to its ideal state. With age, however, the supporting collagen fibers become less elastic and wrinkles begin to deepen. First, those in the corners of his eyes, so. crow's feet, lion's wrinkle between the eyebrows and horizontal scratches on his forehead. Give the face a sad, sometimes menacing appearance. Massage and cosmetics may slightly improve the situation and to slow further changes. Recently celebrating the triumphs of other weapons in the fight against wrinkles - Botox injections.

What is Botox?

This neurotoxin (botulinum toxin) produced by the anaerobic bacterium botulinum Clostridum botulinum. Botox is a simplified its name. It is a poison used in medicine to treat diseases associated with muscle contracture, tics, strabismus and blepharospasm, hyperhidrosis and migraine headaches. To smooth out the wrinkles began to use it in the early twenty-first century, but immediately began to enjoy success.

How does it work?

Time and location, paralyzes the muscles. They lose the possibility of contraction, the result does not wrinkle the skin that covers them. That is why wrinkles disappear. Are creams can replace anti-botox? No, although there are elements in them that its actions are to imitate the effects of Botox injections. Their role is primarily on relaxation of tension of the skin. This prevents shrinkage subcutaneous tissue, stimulating collagen and elastin production and inhibition of calcium, which blocks the work of fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen fibers). These creams work much smoother than an injection with botulinum.

At what age to use botox injections?

To determine personal need. If the goal is to smooth wrinkles, treatment before 30 Rather, the age makes no sense. Most Botox starts to use in people 40 -, 50-year-olds.

The use of Botox is safe?

Yes, provided that it injects the power to the individual - a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Dose must be carefully selected to match individual patient needs. In the case of cosmetic procedures, it is much smaller than in the case of treatment of hyperhidrosis and migraine.

Do the wrinkles disappear immediately?

No. The toxin begins to work 2-3 days after injection. The effect becomes noticeable after about a week. That's how long it takes to botulinum toxin acted on the nerve fibers and immobilized muscles. The skin gradually softens, allowing uncontrolled treatment he has time to get used to the following changes.

How long does the effect persist?

After the first injection - 3-4 months. After re-operation - half a year or slightly longer. It depends on the individual properties of the skin.

What would be the side effects of treatment?

After injection of botulinum remain on the skin of the same footsteps as after each injection - points of punctures, with very sensitive skin slight swelling. For several hours after the procedure you need to stay upright - do not lie, do not tilt. To avoid major problems, yet by night to avoid anything that might raise your blood pressure: a solarium, sun beds, saunas, exercise sports massage. Sometimes after surgery are felt fleeting headache. In the worst case (eg selecting the wrong injected dose), an extensive batch facial palsy or asymmetry effect (such as an eyebrow above the other below). The risk of complications is increased in women who undergo face-lift operation - previously operated tissues may respond differently than those previously untouched.

How much is the treatment?

Price depends on the amount consumed during surgery preparation. For example, getting rid of crow's feet will cost 600-700 zł, smooth wrinkles or face the lion's share of 600 zł, diaphoresis surgery obliterates - 1500 zł.

Pros use Botox
• Price - this treatment is expensive, but still much cheaper than plastic surgery.
• It works on deep wrinkles - botulinum toxin works best in case of wrinkles on the forehead, between eyebrows and the corners of his eyes.
• The treatment does not exclude the active life - in a few minutes after the injection of Botox can be applied makeup and go out among people.
• Change in facial expression - a person with a dynamic facial expression does not crinkle up as usual and even if it passes the action of Botox, not perpetuate the old wrinkles.

Cons of Botox
• Price - this treatment is costly, and for good effect, it has to be regularly every few months, repeat.
• Do not give up one entire face to smooth the operation - "iron" of all the wrinkles at the same time it is not advisable, since the result might resemble an artificial face mask.
• Complications - ill-chosen dose may result in the unintentional facial asymmetry.
• Reduction of facial expressions - the loss of full control of mimicry may be unpleasant for some people experience.

Celebrities in love with botox

Injecting Botox is one of the most popular treatments in Hollywood. Obsessed with caring for the beauty of the stars will do anything to retain youth for longer. A Botox is, so far, the most perfect drug fighting wrinkles quickly.

Cindy Crawford

One of the most beautiful women in the world a few years ago, told me that since the age of 29 regularly visits a plastic surgeon's office. There he founds the injections of Botox, vitamins and collagen. And ensures that through this at the age of 41 years still feel young and beautiful. And it's hard to disagree.

Nicole Kidman

The star of the Antipodes has never publicly admitted to using Botox. However, according to experts in plastic surgery not only uses it, but abuse. The skin on his face emaciated Nicole is in fact more and more unnatural tense. If so go on, the star may have serious problems with the mime.

You Beckhams

If you believe the rumors of botox injections to himself he does not just Victoria, but David. The couple what the truth is a little after 30, but obsessed with the appearance of the spouses have a long time. How have lived in Madrid, their home was regularly visited a plastic surgeon. While home therapy David miraculous drug injected in the forehead and crow's feet had dropped, and the wrinkles between the nose and mouth.

Demi Moore

44-year-old star has never hid the fact that cosmetic surgery seems a fortune. Demi times would send the fat from the hips and abdomen, raised and grew breasts and modeled the knee. Botox is normal for her beauty treatment, after the injection, you can always reach to improve the mood.

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