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Medical Leeches - Hirudoterapia - Hypertension


Leeches. Who among us has not heard of leeches? and who is not no sucker grabbed by the leg while swimming in a river or pond?

Currently, there are fewer such people, because due to pollution, leeches have become an endangered species.

Recently the hard przekonawłem how useful it is this parasite, which in some literature I read that it is very dangerous - I really do not know where this view.

I've had skin problems - the dermatologist told lubricate antybiotykowymi ointments, wash some tonicity, psikać oksykortami - not heard of any diagnosis of what it might be all my skin problems, until one day I came into the office hirudoterapełty - a humble Lord, no academic qualifications - he saw so I came to him, it is with boundless confidence in his voice said that this is just simple calcification after inflammation, which can not be after 2-3 leeches. He said yes, and it happened - no skin problems.


Very interesting experience was the renewal of any inflammation - so what happened rozpuściło calcification that bothered me with his presence a few months - after 6 hours since the first treatment I felt a pain in the calcification and renewed inflammation did not give some time alone. After being healed as if the newly created wound.

It is interesting that after treatments with leeches teeth started to hurt me - it ocvzywiście can only be a coincidence, but either way I think it's just leeches are the perpetrators of my aching tooth.

The effectiveness of dilution of blood by leeches is so surprising that blood begins to najskrtszych ukąszonego parts of the body, allowing the immune system can fight zadawnionymi problems. By reducing lepkkości blood, expands the space of the blood and decreases blood pressure. The body has no need to raise nei ciżnienia to nourish the farthest cell.

Only the first surgery I had in the cabinet - the other, and there were several, did my mother or myself if you were entering a handy place. At the moment, fed leeches trying to reproduce. Hold in different colored bottles of 2 pieces that explore what light they need, with different spacing change the water and the water and to choose the better reproduction.

I recommend leeches in wider prevention. If anyone wants to talk or share their experience is invited.

Medical Leeches - Hirudoterapia - Hypertension

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