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In Short;

The brain functions through transmitting signals by so-called 'neurotransmitters'. Specific substances in prepared food, wheat- and dairy products impair neurotransmitter metabolism, causing brain-diseases, aggression, ADHD, apathy, obesity, sleeplessness etc.

Brainfood is clean, pure food that contains all the nutrients the brain (and the body) needs, but does not contain any substance interfering with the normal action of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Brainfood is raw- and easy-to digest food ; fruits , sashimi (and other fresh raw animal food) and raw nuts  (like unshelled brazil-, -hazel- or -walnuts, not -peanuts), because these foods contain no opioid peptides nor heterocyclic amines that can cause concentration lapses, apathy, aggression, stress, brain-damage etcetera.

Brainfood is brain-food because fruits and fresh raw animal food combined contain all the sugars, protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals that the brain (and the body) needs.

If you want to keep your brains healthy, eat as much brainfood as possible. And if you want to munch ; just eat what you really love, containing the least protein.

When you are 'on the road', and you can't carry kilo's of fruit with you, always be sure to carry Brazil nuts and raisins with you. Of course you have shelled the nuts before you left. Brazil nuts and raisins together contain all the energy (fats and sugars) you need, not giving you the excuse to eat munch-food solely because you need the energy. See diet suggestions

In Detail;

Why did humans become this powerful ?

The dinosaurs ruled the world for millions of years, because they were bigger and stronger than any other animal. Humans aren't strong, nor fast. Our specialty is intelligence.

How did we become the smartest ?

Eating vegetable foods only, approximately 5 million years ago, we were not smarter than other primates. Only when we started combining fruits with animal foods, between 3 and 2 million years ago, the size of our brains rapidly increased.

What made the capacity of our brain increase ?

The combination of sugars and cholesterol. Simply because sugars are the main source of energy for the brain, and cholesterol is most essential to the brain for construction purposes.

Fruits contain easy-to-digest sugars, raw animal food contains 'clean' cholesterol, and they both contain the required fat and protein. Together these foods contain all nutrients you need, and are ideal to increase brain capacity.

Doesn't cholesterol cause cardiovascular diseases ?

10 to 20% of the brain is composed of cholesterol, containing 40 times more cholesterol than muscles, and 7 to 10 times more than the liver, where cholesterol is produced. If cholesterol is not that essential, or even unhealthy, of course the human body would never produce cholesterol.

Children who received mother’s milk, are generally smarter than those who were fed with formula milk (1), partly because mother’s milk contains twice as much cholesterol.


When food is heated (or frozen) in whatever way, some of the cholesterol is oxidized. And oxidized cholesterol causes cardiovascular diseases. Of course nobody tells you ; drugs that decrease our cholesterol level and performing ‘preventive’ actions generate billions of dollars.

'Clean' cholesterol is extremely essential and healthy. That's why your body warns you when cholesterol-level decreases ; low cholesterol-level impairs resistance against diseases (2), causes depressions, mood-swings (3) and increases cravings for food. A number of scientific investigations have proven that in people trying to commit suicide, cholesterol-level is / was lower. (4)  

Excellent brainfood is raw egg-yolk, containing lots of clean cholesterol, and more vitamins and minerals than any other food in the world

You can mix the yolk with avocado. Or blend some fruits (or orange juice only, or tomatoes only), pour in the egg-yolk, and stir gently with a fork (stirred, not shaken). You can also add 3 raw egg yolks to cooked potato or ice.

Make sure that the eggs are fresh. Also make sure that the hens are fed raw grains, and not recycled feedings containing wastes and animal residues.

Doesn't sugar cause diabetes ?


Glucose is extremely essential. The brain alone needs 125 to 150 grams of pure glucose a day. Too little glucose makes you lose consciousness, slide into a coma and eventually causes death. Because glucose is that important, the body warns you when glucose level is low ; glucose is needed to transform serum tryptophan into serotonine in the brain. When blood-glucose level is low, serotonine level decreases too, causing depressions (5).

Many assert that complex sugars (like starch and fibers) are better than simple (like fruit-) sugars, but that's also complete and utter nonsense ; fibers are partly bacterially decomposed into glucose, originating gasses, but that doesn't make them healthy of course. All other sugars that we consume, including starch, fructose, honey and white sugar, are enzymatically decomposed, mainly, into glucose. They all influence the blood sugar level. Not all sugars are absorbed into the blood at once, but accordingly to the speed that the food is digested, and accordingly to the number of steps required to convert that sugar into glucose.  

Starch most directly increases the blood sugar level, since starch is a long chain of glucose molecules only. Thus, starchy foods like especially pasta, pizza, bread and beans are most dangerous. They are especially dangerous because these starchy foods are always cooked foods, and cooked foods always contain appetite enhancers that make you overeat. Overeating is what impairs the insulin system, (that is why there is strong correlation between overweight and diabetes) because insulin is secreted to regulate the blood glucose level in accordance with your need for glucose. Acting oppositely to 'the goals of the insulin system', by ingesting more energy while there is no longer need for that energy, is what can can cause diabetes.

Consuming lots of fruits is protective, since fruits mainly consist of sucrose, fructose and glucose (sucrose = glucose + fructose), and all that fructose is only gradually converted into glucose (or direct available energy). Compared to other 'normal' fruits, bananas contain most starch, but only 3% in total. (pasta: 65%). Fruits do not contain any appetite enhancers, and you will therefore never overeat on fruits.

Why does the brain need fat ?

Some neurotransmitters in the brain are composed of fatty acids, like oleamide (6), erucamide (7), cis-9,10-Octadecenamide (8) and arachidonic acid (9). Arachidonic acid for example, supports acetylcholine secretion (10), enhancing cognitive abilities. Oleamide helps you fall asleep at night, influencing serotonine-receptors. (11)

Also, fat is the main source of energy for the colon and the heart. That's why prepared food can cause heart-diseases ; heat partially changes the molecular composition of some of the fatty acids.

In nature, fat is a luxury-item. And because (clean-) fat is that important, again, the body warns you when too little fat is consumed, by causing depressions. (12)

Partly because so many people think fat is bad, and causes obesity, so many people are on anti-depressives.

Why does the brain need protein ?

Many neurotransmitters, like serotonine, dopamine and norepinephrine are composed of amines, from amino acids in protein.

However, if 'common' or natural foods are consumed, you will not consume too little protein. Even consuming fruits only, which contain the least protein (1% average), you will absorb all the required amino acids. Before you can absorb too little protein, you will absorb too little sugars, fats, cholesterol, vitamins and / or minerals. (see site13/prot.)

Why do the WHO, FAO and national institutions recommend required amounts of protein ?

Because so many people in poorer countries consume lots of unnatural foods like grains and tubers, containing low-quality proteins. Nutrient recommendations are based on consuming unnatural foods.

Why aren't we advised to consume natural foods only ?

The entire economy is based on consuming prepared foods. It is very hard to feed entire armies or cities with natural foods only.

If humans were still consuming natural foods only, the world would be very different today.

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