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AntyGMO - black list

Personally I am not against GM, but maybe some of you, this list will be useful. At the beginning of a link to the original list on page antygmo. 
My views on GMOs is that according to the eternal laws of nature are experiencing stronger - if the GM is strong enough to survive in the wild, it is most deserving of life, and if the taste is good as raw, you do not see anything wrong including to eat GMOs. 
In my opinion, people are too quick to consider themselves as możnowładnych (ANTYGMO supporters) that are able to control nature, nature that the poor do not defend against it. I believe this nature is a lady and Empress, and it deals the cards. Of course, we can try to cheat her by some modifications of the GMO, but either way the environment has always verify whether a new form of life deserves to survive. 
So the truth everything that lives on an ongoing basis modifies its genetic code, to overtake the other and survive. There is nothing in the way that the human creations, are also automatically generated by natural changes. 


Consumer BEWARE! Depends on you whether the products listed below are in our stores. Depends on you whether you buy this product, or ignore it. 

You the consumer can write a letter / appeal to the producer and owner of the shop, not to sell products from GMOs, or else you change your store. 
>>> Leaflet for consumers <<<[630 KB] 

Chocolate & Fruit Forest 
Manufacturer: Tiger Consumer Brands Limited, 3010 William Nicole Drive, Bryanstron, Sandton 2191 
Chocolate czekolada_info 

E 322? chemical name: Lecithin, which is used as an emulsifier, antioxidant, carrier. A food additive for use generally permitted at quantum satis. It can be found mainly in products such as cocoa and chocolate products, milk powder and evaporated milk, bread made exclusively from the following ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast, or leaven, salt, food, fresh pasta. It is also limited to the addition of the following foods: emulsioned oils and fats of vegetable or animal (except the olive oil, including olive oil Virgin)? 30 g / l, emulsioned oils and fats of vegetable or animal (except the olive oil, including olive oil Virgin) specifically designed for cooking or frying, or the preparation of gravy? 30 g / l, the maximum dose used in the manufacture of preparations for infant in good health? 1 g / l, biscuits and crackers, and cereal-based foods for infants and young children in good health? 10 g / kg 

Complete feed intended for farmed chickens 0-6 weeks 
Manufacturer: Provimi Poland Sp. z o. o. , Major Feedingstuffs Tworóg, ul.Ronard 10, 42-690 Tworóg. 
etykieta_provimi2.jpg etykietka_provimi2.jpg 

Complete feed loose 
Manufacturer: P.W. Agsol, feed mills, st. Wójczańska 17, 28-133 Pacanów. 

etykieta_agsol.jpg [singlepic id = 225 w = 180 h = 258 float = right] 
Vegetable oil Marlibo 
Poured FOR IN: FHPU Marlibo Z.P. Jacek Chr Wait, Hutki, ul. Hill 19, 32-329 Boleslaw 
GM Oil - Marlibo 

GM Oil - Marlibo 
GM Oil - Marlibo 

GM Oil - Marlibo 
Blend? EKokurczak 
Have not yet been: compound feed with soy EKOKURCZAK GM. 
Manufacturer: Provimi-Rolimpex SA, Major Feedingstuffs Baborowie, ul.Opava 31 a, 48-120 Baborów. 

[Mixtures Ekokirczak] 
Golden Oil? Oil Universal 
Manufacturer: ZPHU INEX SJ Stuglik K., J. Stuglik, Klecza Lower 148, Upper Klecza 34-124, Tel: 033 823 32 31, tel. / fax. 033 823 47 41 

Vegetable Oil WiejskiProducent: PPHU? Olmaj? 05-804 Pruszków Parzniew Street. Less than 5, tel / fax 22 729 75 52, tel 022 729 48 35, 

Universal Oil RoślinnyProducent: W.Z.T. ADM Szamotuły Sp. z o. o.Szamotuły 64-500, ul. Brave 29 Oelmuhle Hamburg Aktiengesellschaft Nippoldstrase 117 D-21107 Hamburg 

KarolinaProducent: TK TRADE Sp. z o. o. ul. Rye 13/37, 01-014 In Warsaw, e-mail: 

LANDO oil Country of origin: Germany 
For Kaufland Oelmuhle Brokelman + Co. GmbH + Co, Hafenstr. 83, D-59067 Hamm 

Vegetable oil? JOKER 

Ordinary Oil Producer: TK TRADE Sp. z o. o. ul. Rye 13/37, 01-014 In Warsaw, e-mail: 

Vegetable Oil 

Product is packaged in Lithuania for TK TRADE Sp. z o. o. ul. Jeżewski 7 / 4 02-796 Warszawa, e-mail: 

Read the article on food products genetically modified zawierajaceych organizations: 
OIL Salad? Oilio 

Imported Made in Belgium by the Leader Price Poland Sp. z o.o., ul.Pulawska 427, 02-801 Warsaw, Poland 

Vegetable oil? ZlotyProdukt packaged in Lithuania for TK TRADE Sp. z o. o. ul. Jeżewski 7 / 4 02-796 Warszawa, e-mail: 

Compound feed pełnoporcjowaProducent: Provimi SA-Rolimpex Label Feedingstuffs Tworóg, ul. Renard 10, 42-690 Tworóg
AntyGMO - black list

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