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Drying meat - sausage, beef, pork

Meat preservation method used by the Indians of North America was pemmikan. With its production of meat has been seasoned, dried or smoked, chopped and mixed with fat and berries. It's quite labor-intensive method, but effective - stocks are suitable to eat throughout the winter and even longer. Currently pemmikan name is also used to determine the dried meat, which was also known in Old Poland. The peasant huts rather not eaten fresh meat, and was dried. As they say ethnographic sources, including meat hung the ceiling, partially smoked, it was eaten up to three years. 

Dried meat is a good way to survivalowców the inclusion of animal protein in the diet without having to carry heavy inventories. He learned about suchSlaughter during his trip to Norway. 
Dried sausage 

Polish survivalowcom I do not propose to follow passively the Indians (I hate the phrase "native Americans"). Form of dried meat taste better adapted to our liking is dried sausage: 

* Dried sausage 'hunting' sausage can not be too fat - meat drying the water evaporates and shrinks. The fat in the sausage remains unchanged in volume. 
Best for drying venison sausage - has very little fat. If you do not get it - I suggest the sausage hunting, possibly with a thin or kabanos Krakow. 
* Drying - practically free. I just put the pieces of sausage to the basket and put in the cupboard in the kitchen. From time to time just checking sausage, wipe grease and leaking white coating. White coating is a dangerous - it arises from the mold. 
* When you store dried sausages and dried meat to take care of ventilation - you will not develop anaerobic bacteria. Just before leaving the area can be a sausage wrapped in paper. 
* Dried sausage can be eaten in several ways: 
- Finely grate sausage and throw in a soup or other dishes, 
- Divide the sausage into small pieces and overcook them, 
- Pogryzać sausage held in his hand. 
* Dry sausages can not be too long - after a year is so tough that it can not bite. Also, the problem will be overcooked - just stay on a grater or the grating breaking hammer. 

Drying meat 

At home, drying the meat is very simple. Lean cuts of beef or pork (eg, ham), cut across the grain into strips 3-6 mm thick, laid flat on a board and sprinkle lightly with seasoning on both sides. You can use the "Delikatu", "Jarzynki" or for example, thyme salt and pepper and water. You just have to be careful not to overdo the seasoning - przesolone meat given to eat, but not very tasty. Spices hit the meat with a knife or a flat hand just a hand, on the occasion of crushing the meat. Prepared strips best stuff on sticks, for example, from skewers and hang them in the oven. Drying should be repealed at the door at about 100 degrees. After the 1930-1990 minutes-dried meat is from the outside, and you can remove them from the oven.Now we should spread it to dry for several days in a warm, ventilated place (for example on the radiator.) Under field conditions, meat can be a little smoke, because if they remain wet too long, it will choose the flies and wasps. 

The dried meat is 1 / 3 of primary importance and can be stored for example in the paper and possibly a metal box. Small pieces of food we throw, and boiled with water gives a delicious broth. Pemmikanowo-biscuit soup is nutritious, although I would not call it a delicacy. The meat strips are ideal for pogryzania and gum while walking. In November 2004 ususzyłem little pig - after fifteen months, is still suitable for consumption, although it lies in a basket on the cabinet. This allows the meat was dried in thin strips - today you can chew. 
meat seasoning meat prior to drying the meat on drying 
This text appeared in "survival" - the number 13/2005, and was then extended by me and completed. 

The methods of preserving meat, you can also read the forum jerky and pemmican, biltong, 

Drying meat - sausage, beef, pork

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