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Wholemeal sourdough bread

Wholemeal bread leavened by Mirabbelki cincin forum. 

(This is a compilation of some of the provisions found in the net, modified by me for several months on the basis of trial and error) 
Leaven (according to the provision carbonicum but only flour and lukewarm water without additional - bred at approximately 32st.C - for me is that on the top shelf in a closet hanging) 


- 1 / 2 cups sourdough made from rye flour and water 
- About 1 cups of good water year 
- 2 cups of rye flour or whole wheat flour, you can use one type, you can do half to half 

The whole mix and leave for at least 2-5 hours. The longer it sits there and bubbles is then sour, and not everyone is like that. Naked eye to be seen, bred by us from the natural yeast bubbles over the entire surface, and the best grout to use for baking, when the volume doubled. He totally does not matter when you remain standing throughout the night. 

To add the grout in order: 
- 1 and 1 / 2 cups of water I mix it with warm water half and half with buttermilk. Then the bread stays fresh longer, but it is more sour in taste. 
- 1 tablespoon salt 
- 1 tablespoon sugar with dark molasses 
- 1 tablespoon olive oil (optional) 
- About 4 cups whole wheat flour type 2000 

Stir the whole very decent about 10 minutes, preferably mechanically (I think that you and the machine) until you see will be how to create the bubbles and the cake literally breathes. Let stand for about 40 to 1 hour covered in a secluded spot. Carefully translate into molds. This amount is enough for 2 keksowki, completed in 2 / 3. You have to let them grow up to the edge of the molds. 
I bake in silicone molds and they work well here at 200%. Peel the baking is crunchy on the whole surface, not as I am in the metal molds where then you have to turn the breads, to evaporate and have some przyrumieniły. 
The dough is very loose, can not be created with the ball. 

Further follow up so that people who are familiar with cooking, they consider it heresy. Benefited from advice on a forum and place the molds into a cold oven. Oven to 200st.C. When it reaches the set temperature psiknac water and bake about 20 minutes more, at least once sprayed. After this time you can reduce the temperature a little at the end of the loaves lightly greased hot water. Bread is baked from the moment of insertion into the oven about an hour, but you have to carefully observe, because the oven piekarnikowi uneven. 
Preheating the oven with the bread makes an additional, but slow growth of the dough. When you insert the bread at once to a temperature of 245 degrees Celsius peel breaks immediately. With a traditional loaf can be prevented in advance by cutting its surface. The wholemeal bread, the dough is nearly smooth, cutting the surface completely fails. 

Just-baked wholemeal bread stays fresh for a long time, and the two-or three-day is even better than immediately after baking. 
I hope nothing I skipped, because I'm doing it from memory. If you ask me. 

You can bake this bread in a clay pot, change the flour. 
sometimes make wholemeal rye mix half and half with rye 720, then the bread crumb is delicate.
Wholemeal sourdough bread

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