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Milk and honey

On one of the sites I found this description:


Glucose contained in honey and milk are transported to the brain tryptophan, which is the protein molecule from which a molecule of sleep - melatonin. Asa result, we fall asleep more easily, the body regenerates itself without anyobstacles, we get up well rested.


Milk with honey to drink, but I think that meets the nutritional functions.

Unfortunately, I do not drink such a mixture - I'll try to try soon.

For now, I want to share, including that one day I read that milk is not such aprovider Tryptopfanu, because even if it contains quite a lot of it is a multitude of other proteins is not as good as the other proteins compete withtryptophan. It is better to look for proteins in which tryptophan is morecompared to others.
Milk and honey

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