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Drink or not drink?

Once in the stomach digestive juices (hydrochloric acid) digest meat, itcreates out of this shell, which blocks access to the undigested acid śweżegomore pieces of meat. Bout with water (in any case anything that contains thesugar) makes rinsing meat and subsequent unveiling of the undigested parts of the meat.
like the kebab - tanned from the top of the meat is a barrier to fire, which isdifficult to digest successive layers, the chef odkroi burnt layer, a fire hasułoatwioną the way for further digestion.

Another thing is that the fat blocks the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach.

If chewed piece of meat fat side rests against the teen gastric acid secretionis blocked. Bout water rotates the pieces of food so that the site of the fatcomes to the surface, and the meat falls on the stomach wall, whichimmediately begins to secrete digestive juices.
Drink or not drink?

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