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Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Flavonoids

The French paradox - how is it that they can eat so greasy, smoke cigarettes and do not have so much cancer and heart? Scientists have long suspected that behind the wine - after all, is not new to know how many French people drink red wine. But not everyone knows that marriage unacceptable number of cardiac diseases and cancer compensate French marskościami liver. 

Wine contains many flavonoids of dark grape skins from which it is produced. Higher content of flavonoids from red wine to white. 

If you do not have his vineyard, the problem may be buying a good wine, which will be the same healthy compounds fllawonoidowe without various additives and admixtures of other wines. Do we have until then to determine how to choose a wine to buy. While what we are trying to spy on our reactions to various organisms in wine - sometimes surprising - usually some swelling of body parts - eyes, or hands - or because of the curative effects of flavonoids, or sulfur poisoning, then this is unfortunately not yet know. 

Many people also mentions a headache or a hangover after drinking more red wine. 

Flavonoids belong to a class of polyphenols. The most common flavonoid is quercetin. 

For Wikipedia: Flavonoids are compounds commonly found in plants, making it a daily part of the average human diet (about 1 g / day). There are, among others in fruits (especially citrus fruits), vegetables (eg tomatoes, peppers and broccoli), legumes (eg soybeans), tea, yerba mate, and red wine. 

Good sources of polyphenols are the following: beer, wine, grapes, berries, olive oil, tea, nuts, cocoa, yerba mate and some other vegetables and fruits.The highest concentrations of polyphenols, typically occurs in the skin of the fruit. 
Polyphenol content in selected vegetables and fruits 
Scope of polyphenol content 
Source (portion) Division (mg / serving) 
Onions (100g) Flavonoids 35-120 
Broccoli (200g) Flavonoids 8-20 
Leek (200g) Flavonoids 6-45 
Artichoke (100g) 45 Phenolic acids 
Potatoes (200g) Phenolic acids 1920-1938 
Blueberry (100g) Flavonoids 25-500 
Blackcurrant (100g) Flavonoids 130-400 
Blackberries (100g) Flavonoids 100-400 
Strawberry (200g) Flavonoids 30-150 
Plum (200g) Phenolic acids 28-230 
Note: The table on the basis of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Flavonoids

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